Lucy’s Tea Room – Tea Lovers Haven!

The sweltering summers of Karachi are upon us, as the temperatures go further up and electricity begins to play the game of hide and seek, killing time becomes unbearable. The usually empty coffee houses are packed with customers who are all thronging to enjoy cold beverages and light snacks.

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Coffee houses are in vogue- people of all age groups head towards these eateries for a relaxing chit chat over a cup of coffee. It is the ‘me time’ many people need after a hectic work week or an exhausting day with the children. It would be fair to say that coffee has become the brew of choice for many of the people by chance because of its popularity and the presence of high end coffee shops.

Being spotted at or putting a ‘check-in’ on the social media websites from a known coffee shops is considered social- and that is what we want after all, the world to know how social or in trend we are with the dos and don’ts of the society. In this race for being the most social and trendy with the coffee houses, the original brew lays forgotten here and there.

The original brew- is one with which the day begins and ends for most, when during exhaustive work hours- a cup is just what is needed to bring alive those numbing brain cells. Let the weather be hot or cold- this brew never fails to live up to its expectations, it is metaphorically the drug of all those who work. Still wondering and thinking which brew is it that we are talking about? Look around, there may be a steaming cup around you somewhere while you read or watch TV; it is TEA.

Lucy's Tea Room - Badar Commercial Area, DHA Karachi

People of the subcontinent love tea far more than they love coffee, while coffee is an ongoing trend which has recently caught up in the past few years- tea has been there since hundreds of years. From the prestigious hundreds of year old tea ceremonies in China to the classic set up of British evening tea, it is a culture in itself.

Tea and tea making is considered a form of art in many cultures of the world and one that is extremely important. The Chinese and Japanese have elaborate tea ceremonies for their guests, while the British place great importance on their evening tea and its condiments. When it comes to the tradition of tea in the sub-continent, the people take after the British way of having tea given the prolonged British rule in the area. Bringing the exact same love and classic evening tea tradition to Karachi is a new café on the block- LUCY’S TEA ROOM.

Address: Shop No. 4, Plot 35C, Lane 7A, Badar Commercial Area, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35247411

Tea at Lucy’s is more than just milk tea and black tea- it is a complete world of fruity and fresh flavors like chamomile, peppermint, oolong, cranberry and apple. Flavors which are not just new but unique to the palate of the local people as well, but it is worth the money.

Lucy’s Tea Room is one sure way to visit the classic British set up of evening tea. The ambiance is similar and reminiscent of Old England. The scones, jam and clotted cream condiments with the evening tea complete the ideology. And true to their theme, every experience at Lucy’s is British to the core.

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