Maidaan at Koel Gallery Karachi

Maidaan is basically called as an open space in or near a town, used as a parade ground or for events such as public gatherings; an arena. An exhibition named “Maidaan” has been arranged at the Koel Gallery Karachi from 4th June continues till 30th June 2018.

‘The gallery as an arena for 9 emerging visual artists to gather an audience and share the beginning of their multidisciplinary practices. Each dealing with their individual concerns yet coming together as a group. Showcasing trends and direction of the thought processes guiding younger visual practitioners in their current spaces, as a result, reflecting the mood of their city – Karachi’. —Nurayah Sheikh Nabi

Event Name: Maidaan
Venue: F-42/II, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.
Date: 4th June till 30th June, 2018
Day: Monday
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Contact number: (021) 35831292
Facebook Event:

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