Marcel’s – A Foreign Affair

Inspired by the fictional French traveler Marcel le Roux, Marcel’s  started catering to the Karachiites’ gastronomic luxuries just this year at Boat Basin. The place is well lit, efficiently ambient with touches of France here and there and has the ability to render one slightly breathless upon entering for the first time. Lucky people, the residents of Clifton and DHA!

As its history indicates, Marcel’s menu has all the French you can think of. You have five broad categories on the menu card to choose from: Boulangerie – the bread shop; Patisserie – the cake shop; Bistro – a small eating place (its quite large, by the way); Gelato and Bar. And of course one should not miss their specialties: the oh-so-yum Danish pastry and MACARONS! Don’t you just love the place already? Wait, there’s more. They now serve breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The Boulangerie category displays all kinds of bread. And by all kinds I mean ALL kinds. Not only the conventional croissants and brown bread we encounter each day, but also the odd-one-outs — Focaccia bread as an example. Each kind has its signature delicate or crispy crust which seems to melt in the mouth.

The cake shop (Patisserie) has cakes along with pizzas (Margherita) and pastas (Penna Arabiata) collection. Ahoy there, pizza lovers!

The Bistro is actually the main course as it showcases what we Karachi walas call khaana. With foreign sounding names and well-handled food presentation, your mouth will start to water even before your first bite. Appetisers (coconut prawn parcel), salads (quinoa salad), soups (onion soup), chicken and beef (steaks and grills), seafood choices (red snapper) and special French sandwich choices (roast chicken on focaccia) —- it looks unlimited. P.S. you should also try their Karachi special chicken tikka sandwich for the taste of home in a foreign territory.

Gelato has only two ice cream choices but they are worth trying. The Bar compensates for it with too many options. You can get anything from water or a simple espresso to kiwi slush and salted caramel frappe.

Delicacies, delicacies, delicacies! One cannot deny their importance in life. Therefore you must visit Marcel’s and give your taste buds a flavor of the outlandish.

Address: World Trade Center FL-10  Khayaban-e-Roomi Block 5 Clifton  Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact number: (92-21) 3-586-7703

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