Marigold and Honey Café – Quintessential Twist!

Word around the town is that cafes are in vogue. Quite literally the population around K-town has taken a liking for cafes- the demographics of the customers cannot be pinned to just the youth, it is by far more varied than the restaurants.

Best Cafés in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Ultimately cafes begin serving breakfast from 8 am in the morning and then going on with different dishes as the day progresses while still offering breakfast items throughout the day. Surprisingly the number of customers who walk in and order a steaming cup of coffee at 10 in the night or a plate of cheese mushroom omelet with hash browns is astounding.

On any given day the favored cafes of k-town are packed as people throng for their daily or weekly doses of coffee or savories. During weekdays, cafes see a steady stream of customers comprising mostly of the daily regulars, however on the weekends it is a completely different scenario of pandemonium.

Families and the youth throng the cafes to enjoy a late Sunday brunch or just to sip their lazy mornings away with a hot steaming mug of coffee. So cafes are great for breakfasts, lunches and even for tea at times, but quite frankly how many people can have the typical café food for dinner as well? Not many for sure. Dinners in restaurants are on the heavy side given the portioning and greasy dishes while the food at cafes is light and sort of like snack food.

Marigold and Honey Café - Zamzama Commercial Area, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.

On this very stagnant and boring note about the dull dinner service at most of the cafes, we shall bring to light a new quaint café on the rodeo drive of K-town- Zamzama. Quintessentially set up to reflect the Victorian era, the first step in takes the breath away. The interior décor is subtle and spacious with ample natural light flowing in, even though the café is small it does not create a sense of claustrophobia or the feeling of being seated in a cramped space.

Tastefully decorated and offering wonderful delights, this café is on the road to create some serious waves. Lest we rave on about the food and the décor, it would be wise to unveil the name – Marigold and Honey Café.

Address: Shop No. 2 & 3, 8-C, 10th Zamzama Commercial Lane, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35293455

At Marigold and Honey Café, the day begins with the fresh smell of pancakes and many other delicious dishes. But it is the dinner at Marigold and Honey Café which takes the experience to an entirely different level. For dinner they offer two very light options for starters- either grilled asparagus with hollandaise sauce or grilled prawns with lemongrass and lime. Both the starters are absolutely divine in terms of flavor and freshness.

With the main course the roast chicken with lemon and rosemary sauce or the beef filet with Dijon peppercorn sauce are sure shot winners. Finishing of a meal with the special 70% dark chocolate cake is a cherry on the top. The menu is limited so far given its early start up, but the quality and flavors are uncompromised.

It would be a shame to not visit and experience true fine dining at a café.

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