Marketing Consultant Calls on Administrator DHA

Ms. Ayesha Eirabie, marketing consultant called on Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali and discussed matters of mutual interest specially pertaining to DHA’s educational affairs with reference to adopting an effective strategy to popularize its brand name. She later gave an informative presentation on the subject which was also attended by concerned DHA officials.

Ms. Ayesha emphasized that all DHA educational institutions should function under unified system of education. She reiterated that such an integrated network would enhance the efficiency and working of these institutions and would help to market them under a brand name of DHA Education System.

Administrator appreciated the thought-provoking and forward looking suggestions of the Marketing Consultant. He said that views expressed by Ms. Ayesha Eirabie were invaluable and would help DHA in further enhancing the efficacy and reputation of DHA Schools / Colleges as institutions of excellence in the field of academic and education which are capable of producing competent, confident and enlightened individuals who can contribute positively for the society.

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