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“MARKLASH” – Creative Combat 2013 at SZABIST

"MARKLASH" - Creative Combat 2013 at SZABIST

Jumping frogs and grunting gargoyles, Hissing snakes and biting nails and Freezing flakes and confusing smiles. Wait, Not getting it? Doesn’t matter, you’ve landed at the right place!

Now that we have your undivided attention, here’s the chance to a part of the most spectacular creative combat of 2013. Marklash is here for you! Its marketing, its creating… it is CREATIVE INSANITY!

Marklash is an event by SZABIST Marketing Society, which is going to be held on 8th, 9th and 10th February 2013. The three day plan to take you to the world of marketing and brands includes:

Day 1: The Hatch

A good start is work half done… or so they “used to say”…

Face realities, leave a mark and create yourself… that’s the agenda of the day… all as Rehan Allahwalla takes you cruising into a realm of creativity, distinction and competition

And remember, time stops for no one… tick tock, tick tock.

Day 2: The Catch

Nothing focuses the mind better than the constant sight of a competitor who wants to wipe you off the map… it is a competition after all, isn’t it?

Use your creative tank to dig the story, analyze the spectrum and reach out through the most vividly inspiring brands in the market today. Explore , discover and reinvent… reach the top before the place gets filled!

Our word of advice? THINK, it’s not illegal… yet.

Day 3: The Match

When Oscar Wilde said “consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative” we don’t think he knew just how apt this quote would be for the marketing generation of today and the future… but well, he hits the mark spot on! Your third day at Marklash opens doors to the world of brand storytelling which brings to the forefront the real story behind the strategy… the makes and the breaks and especially what makes the brand what it is today and what it will be in the future.

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