Meat One Qurbani Offers 2020

As despite being the 9th largest producer and consumer of meat (According to USDA, 2013), the condition of meat market of Pakistan unfortunately do not comply with international standards, due to lack of hygienic sensibility and transported meat in open trucks which are breeding grounds for contamination.

Purchasing meat was never so comfortable until Meat One makes it to the Pakistani market. Sophistical categorization as the pioneer of specialized chain of meat stores in Pakistan, actually a subsidiary of Al-Shaheer corporation. Presently without making any fuss, operates with 18 outlets all over the country. With a unique concept to bring a change in society, using raw and hygiene free meat as exporting best quality meat with a state of the art structure actually seems quite worth it.

Sometime the highlighted appetizing appeal actually work rather then its taste, display of meat with purely fresh cut ones undoubted giving you satisfaction to get a piece of meat and make your meal healthier.

Meat One is a chain of speciality meat shops retailing fresh, premium quality prime Beef, Mutton, Seafood and Chicken along with ready to cook meat products. Sell more then 260 cuts of meats with outstanding performing category and excellent experience, contributing almost 35% to the sales mix.

Meat One actually work as a synonymous with innovation and up-to-date work with perfect and balance foundation of any company to achieve their rank as successful. Authenticity to relevance simultaneously providing success to Meat One with influential beneficiaries of targeted audience.

Outlets in DHA Karachi & Clifton

  • Mezzanine # M-1, Mezzanine Floor, Plot # 65-C, 9th Commercial Street, Phase 4, DHA Karachi.
  • Main Khayaban-e-Shamsheer (Opposite Malaysian Consulate), Phase 5, DHA Karachi.
  • Shop no 2, Plot # 5-E, Khayaban-e-Sehar, Shahbaz Commercial Area, Phase 6, DHA Karachi.

Meat one offers you chilled meat not frozen, to enhance better taste and with all the nutrient in the meat for healthy living of their consumers. Also providing some relief to working women by facilitate them marinated products that includes meals and snacks, purchase blazing Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips, Samosa/Roll as your ultimate snacks items.

Now with the pandemic of COVID-19, lots of people seems worried for Islamic ritual of EID UL AZHA obligation. No need to get in trouble of locating butchers or animals dealings. Meat One offering premium Qurbani services to fulfill the religious obligation for its customers. Healthy animals are selected for sacrifice under the Shariah jurisdiction.

In the light of the current circumstances, your safety is meat One’s priority. Keep your loved ones safe and get your Qurbani done by Meat One. Residents can e-book their sacrificial animal at enticing charges and costs. Presently they offer Qurbani service in just Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

With simply RS. 19,500 a citizen in Karachi can e-book a share in qurbani cow, this worth consist of the price of animals, its feed, butchering and packaging of the meat.


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