Meet Khadija Bakali from Umbrella Cancer Network

Khadija Bakali is a hard working courageous and dedicated person who has good communications skills and experience of working with different communities from different backgrounds and cultural values.
In her most recent role she worked as part of a team and independently, and demonstrated excellent standards of performance. She worked in a variety of roles where she have been driven to produce high quality work. In addition, she have extensive experience of working in the communities in her paid job and with her volunteer role for a good 10 years.

She worked as Health and Wellbeing Adviser with George Eliot Hospital and this role provides a variety of work, helping people in maintaining Healthy life style by doing one-to-one interview or doing the presentation to the group of people.
In one- to- one she used to do motivational interviewing by using CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to help her clients in making healthy life style changes which includes Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Smoking Cessation, Alcohol consumption

The aims and objective of this role is to help people in losing weight as Obesity is classed as second big cause of cancer after smoking. She has a good number of clients on her account who lost from 5-30 KG of weights during their journey. She also do mini health checks in her outreach work in different community events in day centres or in the foyer of shopping malls like ASDA and Tesco’s on monthly basis.

Khadija Bakali can speak five languages Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and English

In addition to this, she also used to organise health events for helping minority communities’ i-e BME and Gurkhas living in the Nuneaton and Bedworth Warwickshire England. Her multilingual skills is another tool to facilitate the language barrier of these communities and the get full benefit from the free services of NHS.

She also have the pathway of referrals and have good relationships with partner organisations like Healthy living Network, Wellbeing HUB, IAPT, Nuneaton & Bedworth Leisure Trust and lately did some good work for the project called Fitter Futures. Being an active community member She is aware of the needs of the community and working as volunteer with different organisations She have a very good knowledge of the needs and requirements of the people of the community.

Furthermore She is also working with Penny Brohn Cancer care organisation on 0 hour contract in which she has to deliver Living Well courses to the cancer patients and helping them going through this journey of cancer positively. She
deliver 15 hours courses split in to 2- 3 days, and cover all the aspects of client’s life from coping with conventional treatments to self-help techniques and from relationships to practical and environmental issues. Delivering introductory sessions about managing stress and healthy eating is also the part of job. The feedback from the clients who attend courses is always very positive and the benefits people are getting from this service are enormous.

She always spare couple of hours a week to volunteer with different organisations in last ten years. Currently she is working 2 hours a week for the Macmillan Cancer Support as a volunteer in Macmillan Drop- in centre George Eliot Hospital for good 4 years with the gap of 1 year in between. Her duties are to support patients coming through the doors by using communication skills like active listening and make them relaxed. She also used to fetch the annual report jointly with the centre manager.


Master’s degree from Pakistan along with many diploma courses listed below.

  • Penny Brohn Living Well Facilitator course from Ascentis
  • Cancer Support course from OCN
  • Level 3 Diploma in Clinical Health Care Support from City & Guilds
  • Interpreter course (5 Modules) by Pearl Linguistics
  • NVQ Level 3 Business and Administration from OCR
  • Health Promotion Foundation Course By PCT
  • Education for Health NQF level 5 from Open University
  • Level 2 Award in Understanding health from RSPH Royal Society for Public Health
  • Health Trainers Development Program (NHS West Midlands)
  • Level 4 Certification in Penny Brohn Cancer Care Living Well Facilitation
  • Level 2 Cancer Support Course
  • Level 2 award in Understanding Health Improvement
  • Certificate of Education for Health
  • Weight Management and Nutrition Course
  • Received letter from the management of George Eliot Hospital to appreciate my hard work and success in making healthy changes in the communities.
  • Have good reference letters from other organisations where I worked as a volunteer.

She is good at IT and did her ECDL course and manage well with data inputting and word- processing. Recently she is doing the latest IT course CLAIT at level 2 which is all about Ms Office. She is also good at doing projects and run few projects inclusive of Umbrella multicultural Café which was launched in 2011 for a quarter to help the elder people of the community who felt isolated after the
day care service finished by social service from Edward Street Day Centre Nuneaton.
Besides all these intellectual training and work experience she is a very positive person who easily gels with new people or group and adapt with any situation what so ever with open heart and open mind. Having good sense of humour, being empathetic and having non-judgemental attitude she never had any single issue with any one at work in my 10 years of job.

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Contact Khadija Bakali
Phone: 00447448187148
Whatsapp: 00447448187148
Day: Saturday & Sunday
Time: 12:00 – 01:00 pm

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