Meet Obaid Ur Rahman – Football Freestyler from Karachi

Meet Obaid Ur Rahman - Football Freestyler from Karachi

Tell us who you are?
I am Obaid ur Rahman, 20 years old and I love Football Freestyle.

How did you become interested in Football Freestyle?
I came across a video of Abbas Farid on youtube, became interested in his tricks, asked for his advices and that is how it all started.

How long have you been involved in Football Freestyle?
I have been practicing freestyle for almost 1.5 years properly.

Who is your Freestyle inspiration?
When I started freestyle my inspiration was Abbas Farid. Now it would be Suru Tamas(Fx) for lowers, Luki for uppers and Andrew Henderson for allround freestyle 🙂

What are your most memorable moments in Football Freestyle?
It would be a long list, RBSS National Finals would be on top of the list, meeting all the Pakistani freestylers. Generally all freestyle meets are memorable in their own way :). Meeting Riyadh Football Freestylers especially Crazy Feet.

Are there any top tips that you would offer to other Freestylers?
The tip would be keep on working hard. Don’t rush into new things. Set goals for yourself and Never give up, Never back down.

What do you see for the future of Freestyle?
The future is becoming brighter and brighter day by day. Football Freestyle is becoming popular all over the world. Many competitions are being organized now. Big meets taking place. The kind of promotional work done these days and the number of guys increasing everyday , the day is not very far when freestyle will gain recognition as sport.

Meet Obaid Ur Rahman - Football Freestyler from KarachiHow long do you practice each day?
Well I don’t practice everyday. Usually practice 2 days a week for about 2-3 hours.

Where do you practice Football Freestyle?
Mostly alone at home or in the street.

Who are your Top 5 Football Freestylers from Worldwide?

  • Andrew Henderson
  • Szymo
  • Kamalio
  • Skora
  • Michryc

Who are your Top 5 Football Freestylers from Pakistan?

  • Usman Khan Tareen
  • Jawad Blunt
  • Shajee Abbas
  • Sheheryar Zahid
  • Ali Tepu

What are your other interests in life?
I am studying Architecture so that would be my other love, also I sketch and draw when I am free.

What two or three accomplishments that have given you the most satisfaction? Why?
ummm.. No.1 would be founding Phenomenals of Pakistan because it brought all the Pakistani Freestylers on one forum, made us a family. No.2 would be doing shows for charity. The satisfaction it offered is beyond explanation, being the reason for someone’s smile.

What do you think is the future of Freestyle Football in Pakistan?
Pakistan has a very good future Insha’Allah. Many new guys coming in , full of dedication and passion. In 2-3 years Pakistan will have very decent freestylers. Karachi Football Freestyle Championships is being organized which already is a very big step for future of Pakistan Football Freestyle.

If there was one place you could travel to, right now, where would it be and why?
That would be a European tour, making stops all over Europe, meeting all the freestylers there.

Meet Obaid Ur Rahman - Football Freestyler from Karachi

What are your future plans?

Any Message you want to give to the readers of DHAToday?
The message would be people should accept football freestyle as an individual sport and don’t mix it with the game on field. People should come forward and show their support for this new sport in anyway they can. Chances should be provided to football freestylers to showcase their talents.

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  1. Imran Latif Khuwaja says:

    I read article about freestyle football somedays ago as well. These boys are doing great job representing Pakistan in international arena. I visited their facebook page as well. They need to be appreciated more.

    We are proud of you boys

  2. noman says:

    plzzzzzzzz gv me ur cntct numbr ??

  3. Moyez says:

    What important thing in football if I want to parctice first?

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