Meet Usman Khan Tareen – Football Freestyler from Karachi

Tell us who you are?
I’m Usman Khan Tareen, 18 years old and a football freestyler from Karachi. I’m currently Pakistan National Champion. I have performed for many schools such as Bay View, Hampton, Southshore and for organizations such as The Royal Rodale.

How did you become interested in Football Freestyle?
I watched a few videos on Youtube of Ronaldo performing skills and further went on discovering football freestyle by watching Soufiane Touzani.

How long have you been involved in Football Freestyle?
I’ve been freestyling for one and a half year but due to education, freestyle practices are quite less.

Who is your Freestyle inspiration?
I was inspired by Soufiane Touzani and Jeremy Lynch to freestyle.

Meet Usman Khan Tareen - Football Freestyler from Karachi

What are your most memorable moments in Football Freestyle?
Most of my memorable moments take place when meetings with other Karachi football freestylers take place. Its more than friendship, its more of a family with those guys.

Are there any top tips that you would offer to other Freestylers?
Yeah the most important one is, Never give up. Impossible is nothing.

How long do you practice Football Freestyle?
I usually practice about an hour a day due to the tough education system we have here.

Who are your Top 5 Football Freestylers from Worldwide?
Um they would probably include:

  • Andrew Henderson
  • Artes
  • Turlakov
  • PWG
  • Shajee Abbas

What are your other interests in life?
Socializing and wild life mostly.

What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why?
My achievements are winning various competitions including the Redbull Street Style, World Upper Competition 3 – an online competition representing Asia.

Winning the national championships of Pakistan since I had been dreaming of achieving this since the start of my freestyle life and winning the talent show at The Royal Rodale after just 3 weeks of football freestyler as it motivated me and helped me learn that I could do a lot more with this.

Meet Usman Khan Tareen - Football Freestyler from Karachi

If there was one place you could travel to, right now, where would it be and why?
I would definitely go to Prague, Czech republic since the world football freestyle competition is taking place there with freestylers from all around the globe.

What are your future plans?

Any Message you want to give to the readers of DHAToday?
Football freestyle is a sport different to football which many people have not heard about. Its an art where you express yourself with a ball performing various tricks consisting of 3 categories. Uppers, where you do tricks with your upper-body , Lowers where you do tricks with your legs and Sit-downs where you perform tricks while sitting down.

Um my message would be that people in our country should try to accept other sports such as football freestyle and try and develop a platform to give other people a chance to be successive and not just follow the popular sports.

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  1. Haris Qandhari says:

    thats our boy. proud of you bro!

  2. Asghar Rangoonwala says:

    Lovely .. Keep it up Usman, Royal Rodale Club is always there to support you all the way to see u as a success story..
    The MD
    Royal Rodale Club

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