Mega Sale at ‘Nike’ – Dolmen Mall Clifton

Healthy is priority number one for people now. They like to eat healthy, and stay fit with regular exercise. Many would consider this a health freak routine especially with all the stress from work, but then again every person has a different idea of what works for them. All the health conscious people tend to lean towards a fitness regime comprising of activities like walk, jogging, swimming or a sport.

In either case, a fitness or work out regime needs proper gear. Before anyone decides on a work out regime, they have to see what attires work best for them. It will be highly inconvenient to start working out in an uncomfortable ensemble; which is why people head out to sports shops to buy the perfect gear before beginning a work out. International sports brands have outlets around K-town, making it far more accessible for people to get the right outfits and shoes.

Mega Sale at 'Nike' – Dolmen Mall Clifton

Nike at Dolmen Mall Clifton is hosting a grand winter sale for the seasons end. Offering discounts up to 50%, all fitness freaks and people into sports will love being part of this sale. Shoes for running, jogging, walks or workout are available in different sizes for men and women alike. Nike offers the most comfortable foot wear for customers in the brightest colours and sizes; many will be motivated to start a work out the moment they try on a pair.A wok out begins officially only when the appropriate ensemble is there. Dri-fit shirts in bright contrasting colours can be paired with shorts or tracks; all of these are fairly expensive.

Shopping at Nike does cost quiet a sum, many will consider skipping out on workouts and adhere to a more strict diet. Besides dri-fit shirts; socks, and sports bottles are must have’s as well. Case in point would be that a complete set of clothes and equipment at Nike will most certainly cost a lot; parents beware. Fret not, because the grand sale will squeeze as much as possible in a budget. Buying soccer shoes for the boys is going to be a cinch. People who are still wondering if they should head for the sale or not, will seriously regret it later. Since people have been clean sweeping the stores from the day, it was announced.

Customers and Nike loyal fans should know in advance; the sale is on till stock lasts. The situation hints at stocks being cleaned instantly. On weekend customers are seen thronging the Nike outlet; children run amok picking out their favourite coloured shoes, while young women and girls can choose shirts and tracks to flaunt at work outs. Men on the other hand will be pleased to find serious running gear to suit their walk or jogging needs.

A sale at Nike should not be missed. Head out to Dolmen and enjoy the shopping spree!

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  1. Hamna says:

    when will this nike sale ends???
    Is it still going on? ??

  2. Jsun Events says:

    If you are participating in this upcoming exhibition do contact us for fabricate stall or ask us for our profile.

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