Miniature Plants for Indoor by Diamond Nursery

Living spaces at home are personalized to one’s comfort; it could simply be a chintzy sofa in the corner of the room or an abstract painting on an empty wall. Either way, people will add personalized touches, so that space looks more homely and welcoming.

When it comes to home décor a plain simple rule applies: each person’s taste is his own. Choices made reflect the personality and ideology of the person, thus when people visit, the first look of the surroundings will say a lot more about the inhabitants.

Generally homes are decorated with souvenirs from travels, family photographs, paintings, sculptures or works of art- all of these choices are entirely upon the discretion of the inhabitants. Some people might stray away from the typical decoration items and opt for a rather unique collection of masks from all across the world. To sum up, home décor inside and outside is solely upon tastes and preferences.

Miniature Plants for Indoor by Diamond Nursery - DHA Karachi

A similar idea of taste and preference applies to the choices made for plants and flowers. Pots of flowers are the first choice of many people when it comes to brightening up the living space; they are pretty to look at, add tremendous amount of colour, make the place look inviting and are fairly easy to maintain and care for. Thus flowers are a definite choice.

Besides flowers, will be the option of local or imported plants in pots which can be placed around the house- filling up empty spaces and bringing some life to the ambience. So flowers and potted plants are the favoured options for nearly most of the home owners and landscape designers.

Landscape designers/ artists shy away from incorporating plants which do not fall in the main stream choices; plants such as Cactuses. Cactuses are not advisable for homes with young toddlers and children because of their spines.

Miniature Plants for Indoor by Diamond Nursery - DHA Karachi

Well, no doubt cactuses are not suitable plants for a houseful of young children, but it does not mean that cactuses do not make beautiful house plants or cannot be added to a garden. Not the typical flowering plant many would like to have in their homes, cactuses possesses a beauty of their own. Diamond Nursery located at Main Korangi Road is a hub for exotic cactuses.

Address: Main Koarangi Road, Phase 2, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0322-2222213 and 0300-8237083 (Farhan Yaseen)

Placed in small pots, cactuses come in flowering and non-flowering variety at Diamond Nursery. The beauty of the cactuses is in their simplicity- a thick stubby stem covered in spines or thorns with a bright red or yellow flower on top.

Mesmerizing is the view of a bright flower over a stem completely covered in thorns or spines- makes one wonder about nature and how much more there is yet to see and discover. At Diamond Nursery, cactuses range from anywhere between 800 till 5000, this price depends solely on the specie and size of the plant. Cactuses might be an unorthodox choice, but beautiful nevertheless.

Miniature Plants for Indoor by Diamond Nursery - DHA Karachi

Another category of plants available at Diamond Nursery are the Bonsai Plants. Known essentially for their sheer small size, Bonsai’s are captivating because of the beauty of a complete tree. Bonsai’s at Diamond Nursery range from1000 to 15, 00,000; thus customers need not have a heavy pocket to fulfill their love for these plants. Plans for landscaping or redoing the garden will demand a visit to Diamond Nursery.

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