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Around the world, tea time is snack time. Follow the cuisines and one will be surprised to discover the presence of tiny snack items for tea time or to satisfy the hunger pangs. People of the sub-continent are true food lovers especially when it comes to the huge variety of fried items. Be it a lunch, tea or dinner- a few fried snacks as condiments go really well and are appreciated by the family as well. Since tea is a must, so are the snacks.

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In the sub-continent the snacks have to be spicy and mouthwatering- a simple English mince pie or macaroons do not go well as the ideal snacks with tea. Instead the people look forwards to either deep fried or spicy desi delights like pani puri. Throughout the era, it has been quite a task for the housewives to be able to manage the tea time soon after lunch- undertaking all the arduous preparations to enjoy a simple delight like pani puri.

The first thought when it comes to making all these desi delights at home is that the water being used is clean and boiled, while the second reason being the hygiene conditions. Many a times, people have fallen ill because of the terrible eating habits outside. The numerous cooking shows on the food network have made it their goal to teach anything and everything that could be cooked.

Address: 15-C, Badar Commercial Street 10, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
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So far so good? Having homemade desi delights without the worry of hygiene conditions or cleanliness, but what about the times when the weather is hot and humid or there is no electricity yet the family wants to have something homemade. For the housewives it is the time to give up. The current hot sweltering weather of Karachi has ensured to handicap all the activities especially those involving cooking.

For times like these, there needs to be a savior- one that will deliver the best food and service always without the slightest glitch. Finding reliable restaurants which would serve desi delights-like chaat, bhel puri, pani puri or sev puri- is a challenging task. Because it is unimaginable for many to go to a restaurant to have chaat- it is street or stall food. So street food brought into a restaurant is not only unheard off, it is extraordinary.

Mirchili - Badar Commercial Street 10 Phase V DHA Karachi

MIRCHILI is the new restaurant on the block which has done exactly this- brought these desi delights from the street into a decent sit down semi-formal ambiance. The sudden uplift of these delights has done wonders- firstly the food at mirchili is authentically desi from the chaat to the aloo cholay. Added to this desi galore is the South Indian menu offering; Dossa, Medu Vara, or Khaman.

The world knows about the Dossa but few know about Khaman. Khaman is a steamed savory and spicy cake with a tempering of mustard seeds and chili finally served with a red chutney. When at Mirchili, it is rather difficult to go wrong because each dish is created to its original taste. MIRCHILI cannot be missed out on.

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