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Modernization Work at Defence Authority (DA) Beachview Club

Defence Authority (DA) Beachview Club overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea is undergoing expansion and modernization and is meant to emerge as one of the best facility of its kind on the Seaview. Administrator DHA Brig Zubair Ahmed visited DA Beachview Club where he was given an in depth briefing by the consultant on the structural design, interior finishing and architectural elegance of the new club building.

Modernization Work at Defence Authority (DA) Beachview Club

He asked the consultant to ensure aesthetic ambience, members comfort and innovative outlook in choice of furniture, colours and texture of the new setup. Administrator later went around the project site to see the ongoing expansion and modernization work of the club.

He asked the engineers and consultant to work hard with diligence and to ensure the completion of the ongoing development and construction work expeditiously. He set the timeline for likely inauguration of the new building of Beachview Club as 14 August, 2015.

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