MOM’s EXPO 2013 by The Whole 9 Yards (TW9Y)

MOM's EXPO 2013 by The Whole 9 Yards (TW9Y)

The Whole 9 Yards (TW9Y) is organizing “MOM’s EXPO 2013” at Emerald Mall (Do Talwar) on Saturday, 29th June 2013 and Sunday, 30th June 2013. MOM’s EXPO 2013 is event for Mom’s Who Love To Shop. Come and have fun at Chuck E Cheese play area while your Mom Shops.

TW9Y are determined to end social isolation by establishing recreational activities. These activities will empower women; help increase mental health, self-esteem, social interaction, confidence, communication, comprehension, motor skills, coordination, environmental awareness, relaxation, concentration, focus, adventure, exploration, imagination and the abilities of all involved.

Phone: 0300-7008281 and 0312-8467749

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