Mona J Salon – Wedding Makeup with an Excellence!

Wedding seasons never end; they merely take a seasonal gap and return right after with a greater smashing success. Weddings are auspicious occasions here in Pakistan; primarily because it is a union of two souls and families which brings together relatives and friends from afar.

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It is the perfect opportunity for every guest to dress up and enjoy the celebrations! But beyond all the wedding celebrations is a whole workload that needs to be taken care off. For starters, the bride’s wedding dresses for all the functions have to be designed and orders need to be placed.

Likewise essentially jewellery has to be in tone with the entire theme of the dress and wedding. Among the hodge-podge of the wedding preparations, brides face a crisis about which makeup artist to go to. Firstly bride’s-to-be ask for advices from friends and family; each woman has had a different experience of bridal makeup, the entire makeup depends on the dress and the look the bride wants. Thus it would be safe to say, the entire look depends on the collaboration of ideas of the client and the makeup artist.

The last thing a bride would need is a horrendous makeup to clash with the outfit. Bridal makeup should be magnificently elegant, one which would bring out the royal mystique without subduing the natural features. Most importantly, the wedding hairstyles should not look like alien entities sitting astride the bride’s head; the hairstyle should complement the face and features.

Keeping all of the above mentioned details for bridal makeup, making the right choice is important. It can make all the difference between a joyous memorable wedding and a nightmarish event for the bride. In all sincerity the brides are always extremely concerned with and about their big day makeups; and a worry they should rightly have.

The first leap of confidence for a bride comes from the high reputation and a view of the work of the makeup artist. Secondly, a bride must place her trust in the talent and experience of her makeup artist to give her the perfect look.

On this count, without further ado is the very famous Mona Jamal with her signature salon MONA J.

Address: 19-C, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz (near Espresso, above Subway), Phase-VI, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0334-3363079, 021-35846071

Mona Jamal aka Mona J is a name synonymous to excellence. She strikes a fine balance between creating the perfect look for brides without stifling the ins and outs of the fashion world; Mona J has the perfect combination of talent experience which brings forth makeup with elegance like no other.


Her expertise on bridal makeup is sought after by many brides on the various morning shows. Bridal makeup by Mona needs no introduction; the bold and beautiful makeup speaks volumes about the techniques. Brides-to-be will find the look stunning and mesmerizing. With the wedding season in tow, Mona J will be booked for appointment and brides would certainly not want to be the ones to lose out on this great opportunity. Go ahead and book appointments for the wedding functions now!

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