Moosh Cafe & Grill

Food is best when shared with the loved ones- the flavors tend to pop more than what it would taste when eaten in isolation. People around K-town have taken it upon themselves to jump the café bandwagon wherein to be popular one must be seen at a café- no matter how bad or pathetic the food maybe because after all, it is all about being in vogue with what is or is not permissible as a want to be a socialite.

Best Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Cafes that pop up around town, tend to create a huge buzz before their grand opening, claiming to offer the best food prepared by the most talented team of chefs. The only true review of the restaurants comes after the all the hue and dust has settled down.

The frantic reservations and spontaneous plans to try something new often are a big gamble because if it is a large party then the one who suggested will be doomed in case of a bad food experience. Such a person will never hear the end of how the entire group wasted their money and how it would have been worth it to have the regular food at the same place.

So quite literally eating out and deciding which place to go to can be one of the most stressful decisions people make because the likes and dislikes of nearly everyone except a few have to be taken into consideration.

Cafes with their subtle and oh-so-lovely ambiance make a grand first impression on the customers as they walk-in. The dim lights and the cozy table setting is one of the factors a customer takes into consideration when opting to eat out. But the biggest and most important factor is the quality of food being served and its freshness.

Moosh Cafe & Grill - Clifton, Karachi

Many cafes are known to have dished out stale or sub-standard food out of their kitchen which is a great turn-off. Thus it can be said that very few cafes live up to the expectation of the customers. Moosh Café and Grill is fairly new and unknown to the people of K-town. The reason for its lack of presence may be accredited to the low levels of marketing but when it comes down to the quality and level of food- Moosh is the best.

Address: Bungalow#8/A, FL 3, Block 5, Clifton.
Phone: 0342-5655353

Word of advice- do not be alarmed by the name of the restaurant. It is the quality of food that will surely win you over. Moosh Café and Grill offers divine dishes like Lobster, Prime Steaks, Juicy Burgers or authentic Italian Pastas.

Moderately priced and delivering the complete value of the money,Moosh Café and Grill is serene and quiet- a meal is enjoyed and a return is assured. Walk-in or call them up to live the true experience.

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