Mothers Day 2017 Celebrated at DA Degree College for Women

Mothers’ Day is celebrated worldwide to honour mother of the family, motherhood, maternal bond and influence of mothers in society. Defence Authority Degree College for Women celebrated Mothers’ Day with great fanfare. The founder of Binte Fatima Old Homes Mrs Farzana Shoaib along with five mothers from the old home were invited to the function. It was a social welfare event filled with fun, activity and action. Few students’ mothers also joined the occasion to make it truly memorable.

The students on the occasion took lot of care of old mothers giving them a sense of importance and participation by freely mixing with them, having chit chat with them and by looking after their comfort and convenience during their stay at the college. These measures were embodiment of hope and optimism for the humanity and gave clear message about the blessed status, revered significance and the holy nature of mothers. Mothers are blessing of Allah and incredible persons whose unbound love and caring attitude for their children at every stage of their lives is the most valuable asset of life.

The guest mothers felt elevated and joyous as the students intricately chatted with them on different matters of interest. The guests were also entertained for lunch and given many attractive gifts. Gift hampers were lavishly given to mothers through lucky draws for participating in the event. The Mothers’ Day at the college was a remarkable event which was planned with a touch of innovation and dedication. The event ended on a happy note.

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