Moulding the Mood: Performance by Anuratn Rai by T2F

Performance by Anuratn Rai son of Acharya Pandit Anupam Rai (Rampur Shaswan Gharana), moderated by Jamal Mujeeb Qureshi.

Raag , derived from the Sanskrit word rang which means ‘colour’ paints melody and tune as an expression of color, creativity and vigor. Join The Second Floor to witness Anuratn Rai’s expression of raag in a live session moderated by Mujeeb.

About the Singer:

Anuratn Rai is one of the foremost leading Hindustani classical vocalists of this generation. He is the closest disciple and son of great legend of the era Acharya Pandit Anupam Rai. Anuratn is a young representative of Rampur Sahaswan and Seniya Maihar school (Gharana) of Vocal music. Balancing the Ras of Raag, selection of the Bandish according to the characteristics and timing of the Raag or Raagini along with the rhythmic crescendos are some of Anuratn’s many strengths. The development of Bandish and his fastest varied intricate Taan’s reflects his devotion towards music. He has completed his Post Graduation (Bhaskar i.e, MA) in Hindustani Classical Vocal.

In recognition of his musical acumen, Anuratn has been distinguished with numerous high honors namely, “Maharashtra Gaurav Samman”, “Sangeet Gaurav Award, Ninaad Samman, Kishore Sangeet Martand, Girnaar Ratn, SAndeepani Sangeet Ratn by Sri Ramesh Bhai Ojha, Sangeet Nayak Pt. Dargahi Mishra “Sangeet Bhushan’ Award.

He has performed in large-scale events and festivals such as Hridayesh Arts Festivals, Saptak music festival, Kala Ghoda, Taj Mahotsav, New Delhi thumri festival, Triveni Mahotsav, HCL Concerts, Autumn Tunes in LONDON, Chicago, Sa Francisco, New Jersey etc.

About the Moderator:

Mujeeb is a Graduate of NAPA, and is known as a man of many talents. Presently, he is enrolled for his M. Phil (Urdu Literature) from Federal Urdu University (Karachi), and L.L.B from S.M. Law College Karachi, Pakistan.

His Passion for Performing Arts kept him in the pursuit of achieving education from the most prestigious institutes of Karachi, where he acquired certifications and the Art of Story Telling, Drama, Script Writing, Story Board Writing for Musical Videos, Acting, Directing, Singing and Knowledge of Sub-Continental folk and film music.

Carrying 20 years of professional experience in Theatre and TV acting, directing, singing and music conceptualization, Mujeeb still looks at every opportunity as a challenge to further his creative skills. Currently, he is a producer/RJ at FM.106.2 He has worked, and has been affiliated with, several artists, namely Kamal Ahmed Rizvi, Rahat Kazmi, Talat Hussain, Khalid Ahmed, Dr. Enver Sajjad and Zia Mohyeddin.

Date: Sunday, 7th June 2020
Time: 08:00 PM – 08:45 PM
Location: Live on Facebook
Event Link:

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