Movenpick Ice cream

I scream, you scream; we all scream for ice-cream. Wants to crave for some light tooth sweetness of delighted ice creams. To explore new authentic flavors in innovative style of serving would always be one’s desire. Lip-Licking taste of ice cream seems quite normal in Karachi. With gradual increasing demand of succulent taste and mixture of other ingredients for making ice cream authentically still not seems so popular among dessert parlors.

Movenpick Ice cream, located at the most poshest locality, Defence with inspiring history and guarantee of flavors now become top notch brand in Karachi. Owes its inspiration to a revolutionary vision of culinary excellence that swept through the kitchens of fine Swiss restaurant in 1960s. Authentic brand by Jofa groups food business, has a largest market share in super premium ice cream brands in Pakistan. Created an amazing combo of succulent taste buds for its people by serving spoonful of varieties of ice cream flavors.

Movenpick ice cream also inaugurated their Swiss coffee brand, latte and coffee machine to get more achievements with authenticity. April 2015, Jofa Group and Defence Housing Authority actually tie knots to enhance their business rapidly. All flavors have amazing texture and combo that you can’t resist yourself to take a spoonful again and again.

Chocolate flavours is their delighted treat also with three scoop of vanilla ice cream placed on chocolate sauce and garnished with whipped chocolate chip will madly fall you in love with its bites. They have huge variety of complete Beverages, Dessert, Fruits, Ice-Cream with amazing combos of Classics, Minis, Coupes, Mondelez, Shakes, Coffee and all.

Movenpick Ice cream need no introduction or any advertisement as, its brand logo itself carries its success slogan. Its boutiques can be found in all major high end commercial areas, five star hotels in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, as well as in all leading superstores and shopping malls in Pakistan. A brand that brings complete new intimacy of desserts and Switzerland’s high quality products to every city of Pakistan.

Specific Art of Swiss Ice Cream, with proper hygiene free environment and complete under supervision of different departments will make it special and rare. All ingredients and flavours highly recommended for guest as all brought from Switzerland and Germany to serve you in an innovative way. Indulgence of every scoop definitely lighten your mood up with crunchy and sweet flavors. Scrumptious delicacies which customize your own ice cream opportunity gives you a chance to become an experts as well.

Professional management, expert Chefs team with proper well manner staff always ready to cheer you and bring smile on your face. A luxuries boutique with lavish decor, antiques, wall art and amazing structure of well furnished accessories will give you relaxation and satisfy your hunger for craving yummiclious delicacies.

Its not easy going place on pocket, as its a highly profitable brand in Pakistan so price must match with its reputation. With a tag of expensive dessert place yet worthy to eat here whole delighted. Sophistication, pride, virtue and prestige’s resemble its beauty. Not only a place of serving delicacies but also gives you unforgettable memories to dine in here with your family, friend and love ones.

FLAVORS, specialty of Movenpick ice cream should be Velvety Affairs, Strawberry, Carmelita, Stracciatella, Swiss Chocolate, Vanilla Dream, Espresso Chocolate, Crème Brulee, Maple Walnut. True love is what, actually distinguished at Movenpick with auspicious and succulent taste of creamy and rich flavors of delicacies and desserts. They provide lots of services with totally kids friendly environment by restricted smoking in boutique, home delivery, take away, dine-in, parties and group hang outs, happy hour food, hygiene free atmosphere, vallet parking and complimentary gifts as well.

Address: 28-C, 4th Floor, Main 26th Street, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase 5, Karachi, Pakistan-75500
Phone: (021) 35370880, (021) 35822411
Timing: Monday to Sunday 09:00am to 04:00am

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