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Makeups for formal evenings, weddings, or party have to be perfect. Flawless blending of the base with the natural skin tone, slight tinted pink cheeks and a luscious lip colour is all that one might need for either one of the occasions. Makeups have to be immaculate; the slightest imbalance can give a grotesque look to a pretty face. Not a happy thought for regular clients and most certainly not for the brides.

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Well when a bride decides upon a salon for her wedding functions, she takes into account reviews from friends, family, Facebook searches, international or local credibility and popularity, but most importantly feedback from previous brides. God help, if a bride hears about atrocious makeup from another woman, the world may shift in position, but the decision to not avail the services from that salon will stay.

Accompanying the bride is either the bride’s mother or sister while in some cases it maybe a friend or cousin as well. The bride and her entourage arrive at the salon right and well before time because the entourage has to get their hair and makeup done too. So if the bride is being pampered on side, the accompanying entourage is prettying up on the other side. The wedding is eventually the bride’s day and she deserves to be treated like a star. So how about a salon which is glamorous and is the pit-stop for stars day in n day out?

Natasha (Salon) – House of Noor is a company formed as a tribute to the legendary Madam Noor Jehan by her granddaughters: Natasha and Sabrina.

Address: 7-E, 8th Zamzama Lane, Opposite Pizza Hut, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35295236-37 and 0321-8295301

Natasha- the House of Noor- promises to carry the legacy of excellence similar to that of Madam Noor Jehan. The namesake of the studio is one of the eldest granddaughters Natasha who is a highly gifted makeup artist. The owners and team at Natasha have a vision to bring about a revolutionary change in styles and makeups which would be at par with the international standards.

Accredited to Natasha are numerous profile shoots of international and local brand names, all of which speak of her popularity and success in the industry. The change women and brides to be are looking for is to be found at Natasha. Bridal makeups at Natasha are extraordinarily astounding- not in the least bit in any aspect the run of the mill.

On the contrary the makeup for brides is far more elegant than those of the runway models in Paris. A natural radiance emits from the brides after being dressed up at Natasha; a simple reason is the care taken while doing the makeup. Each element in terms of colour and quantity is balanced to give the perfect look.

Natasha is The House of Noor. Highly recommended for brides to be, evening party or dinner hair do’s and makeups. Any styling from Natasha is a statement on its own and enough.

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  1. azra says:

    Bridal make up charges ?

  2. aqsa says:

    Bridal makeup charges????

  3. hira says:

    Kindly send your aiza khan bridal make up charges

  4. rana manan says:

    rates of full body and half body massage

  5. maira says:

    party makeup charges ???????
    n bridal makeup charges tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. farah says:

    Bridal make up charges with services?

  7. sidra says:

    kindly tell me your bridal make up charges.

  8. Saba says:

    how much do you charge for party makeup?

  9. nosheen says:

    Valima bridal charges?

  10. mrs. sajjad says:

    Party makeup and bridal makeup charges?????

  11. Ailia says:

    Your contact numbr plzzz

  12. hani says:

    Bridal make up charges plz. With n without services.

  13. abdul rauf says:

    plz send me bridal makeup charges with service and without service my programe date is 18 september….

  14. Sana says:

    Plz Plz tell me the charges of valima bride and party makeup with dupatta settings

  15. fatima says:

    Party make up charges plzzz reply me a very fast

  16. Zeshan says:

    If any girls want full body massage at your door contact now.


  17. Amna Javed says:

    How much discount u give me in pkge of bridal nd valima makeover plx tell me soon I am came to you soon nd my wedding is in January???? Plx rply Natasha

  18. Quratul Ain says:

    Party and bridal makeup charges??????

  19. SIRAJ RAJPUT says:

    rates of full body and half body massage

  20. Noor Aslam says:

    Worrrrrrsttt decision of my life going there…its been 2 years but still it makes me so mad whenever i think about them

  21. Qurat says:

    Bridal makeup charges? For both event wedding and reception.

  22. Tayaba says:

    What’s the charges of normal length hair rebounding ???????????????????? Can any body let me know?

  23. Nashrah niazi says:

    Bridal makeup and services charges ??

  24. Shadab says:

    Bridal makeup charges please??

  25. mano says:

    whats the charges of party or engagement make up plzzz?? and your recent contact no plz

  26. Uzma says:

    Engagement makup charges please?????

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