NEEDY SMILES “Educate a Chid Today” Campaign


“Supporting a child’s education is truly a wonderful way to take part in the Needy Smiles initiative to change the face of Pakistan one child at a time!”


Needy Smiles is working towards arranging high quality education at very low costs. However, even minimal fees are unaffordable for many families. With parents engaged in entry level positions and working as laborers, carpenters, field workers, construction workers, and street vendors, income is inconsistent and varies based on the season and demand for employment. Even with two wage earners in the family, income is often insufficient for meeting basic household and dietary requirements. Even minimal school fees strain already limited budgets, forcing families to cut expenditures in other areas such as food, medicine and clothing.

The reality of this situation necessitated the development of a scholarship program. Needy Smiles scholarships are entirely need-based: 734491_735624373135906_284608788_n

Donors can adopt a child’s education and make yearly/ monthly donations to cover the expenses of a child. Donors are matched with a student and will receive the child’s details with a photo, followed by periodic progress reports of the child each term.

There are four options available to a donor:
1) Full educational support (Rs.30,000 per year) covers tuition, books, note-books, nutritional health supplement and uniform.
2) Scholarship program (Rs 2500 per month) which covers tuition and health supplement.
3) Quality Tuition (Rs 1500 per month)
4) Meal Program (Rs 500 per month) 

Interested Donors are requested to fill up the Form here


We always dreamed to make Education easy accessible to all and this is just a Divine Help from Allah swt for giving our self a chance to prove our selves. We are also arranging an Art-Work Activity at the school to give it a better look by painting its Wall and making it more interactive.734491_735624366469240_1401736828_n

Do you want to join this Activity or adopt a child education, Even Now?

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If you want to volunteer for Needy Smiles/ Donate / Want to join this visit then join us in this noble cause by filling up the following form here

You can help us through:
1) Your Donations
2) Your Duas
3) Stuff that is needed
4) Volunteering for this Event

Feel your responsibility and act in your capacity.
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For detail and queries:
Males Contact: 
Ahmad Masroor
Females Contact:
Zaujah Ahmad

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