New Buses for DHA Educational Institutes

DHA is a dynamic Housing Authority of the country which accords highest priority to promotion of education as a tangible measure to bring socio-economic development of society. DHA Educational System comprises a large number of schools/colleges which provide high quality education to students in a conducive and comfortable environment. DHA keeps equipping these educational institutions with best facilities, equipment and transport to ensure that they remain intellectually vibrant institutions where students can single mindedly focus all their energies towards striving for excellence in academics and education.

DHA recently gave air conditioned comfortable blue buses equipped with modern gadgetry to its schools/colleges. These buses will provide most comfortable and conducive travelling facilities to its students for smooth conveyance from home to their institutions and back and for visits to other educational and recreational places of interest.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali hoped that availability of new school buses will go a long way in enhancing the efficacy and working efficiency of schools/colleges. He directed DHA officials to leave no stone unturned in providing comfortable and vibrant learning environment to students and staff of the educational institutions.

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