Nihari Darbar – The Royal Treat!

There is no food like home cooked food- true? Very true we would say. Even the simplest of the dishes cooked at home trump over the most expensive dishes from the best restaurants.

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Ask anyone who has not had home cooked food in quite a while and the result will be very clear. The effort and love placed while cooking food at home is incomparable- even if the weather is extremely hot or extremely cold, the women of the house would still walk in and cook the best meal ever. The flavors in the food reflect exactly with how much care the food is cooked.

Amongst the desi cuisine of the Muslims of the sub-continent, the most famous dishes are; Biryani, Qorma, Nihari or Kebabs. The love for these desi delights has spread to the furthest corners of the world, thanks to the local people who have taken their heritage of culinary cuisines and ensured its popularity.

Nihari is the favourite food of the Mughals- the preparations for it began a night before it was meant to be served. The head chef along with his team of cooks would spend the time preparing the spice mix, perfecting the cuts of the meat and all that was meant to be done. Finally when Nihari was ready to be served, it was a special moment- all the royal family members, guests and the ministers would be invited in advance to come in and share the delight.

Nihari Darbar - Sea Breeze Heights, Block-2, Clifton, KarachiMaking the Nihari was considered an art which needed perfection over the time. Today making nihari is a far easier job; pull out of those readymade sachets, follow the recipe and voila it is good to be served. The taste of this instant Nihari is really nice, but it does lack the authenticity somewhere.

What if there is a sudden craving for Nihari at the eleventh hour or a door bell brings in unexpected guests. The women of the house will go straight into panic mode, rushing about trying to fix up something really quick to serve. In the chaotic times like these, is a savior who shall help during the hour of need. Call in or drop at Nihari Darbar!

Address: Shop No.20, Sea Breeze Heights, Block-2, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35866615

As the name of the restaurant suggests; it most well-known for Nihari especially the one with Nalli served with piping hot naans and a small selection of condiments to add on top. Besides opting for Nihari, customers can select any barbecue dish from the BBQ menu. The food is of prime quality and cooked fresh there and then on the spot which brings out the flavors far more than the precooked frozen desi meals.

Nihari Darbar - Sea Breeze Heights, Block-2, Clifton, Karachi

Nihari Darbar offers food which is pocket friendly and the portioning size is enough to feed more than one person. Nihari Darbar is surely the home of the desi’s. highly recommended for gatherings and home delivery.

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