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Karachi is home to a vast and culturally diverse population wherein cuisines from different setups come together. Sometimes certain dishes from a specific cuisine are altered to suit the local palate. It is a multi-cultural hub of people who have been brought together by common customs or simply by the love of food.

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Seems surprising does it not when people come together across cultural boundaries for the love of a simple dish. Not only is it true, it is one of the important factors in budding initial acquaintances. Anytime we interact with someone who has not tasted our cuisines, we tend to go out of the way to introduce to them our own special dishes.

In a manner of speaking, people are extremely proud of their cuisine because it is associated with their heritage or background. For instance, the mirchoon ka salan is authentically a Hyderabadi sideline with the main meal, but now it has become a favoured sideline in weddings as well. Such is the power of food and the love it creates.

Nihari Express - The best Nihari in DHA and Clifton

When it comes to Karachi, the types of cuisines are limitless- they start from something as simple as halwa puri and goes on to encompass sushi or sashimi. As the saying goes- when in Rome, do as the Romans do, the very same rule applies to Karachi as well.

When in Karachi enjoy the local desi delights and street food because in reality, the quality and flavors are unmatched. Specialties of the local desi cuisine are Biryani, Nihari, Haleem, Qorma or the barbecue- all of which are devoured by the locals and visitors with great enthusiasm.

Nihari is a rich spicy red mutton or beef gravy eaten with hot piping naan straight from the tandoor. Nihari is essentially spicy gravy, but finely chopped chillies are added on the top with an extra load of garnishes. Anytime Nihari is prepared at home, it is nothing less than a festivity- families specially come together to enjoy this spicy delight.Nihari Express - The best Nihari in DHA and Clifton

Preparing Nihari is a mammoth task which cannot be done instantly like other dishes, it requires careful planning and prep work. So what if one wishes to devour some spicy hot Nihari at the 11th hour? Wait for the next couple of weeks or day maybe till it is cooked? We bring to you the perfect solution to this dilemma: Nihari Express.

Nihari express is located at 18-C, Saba Commercial Area, Phase V Extension, DHA Karachi. Contact number is 0336-0005741.

As the name suggests this eatery is all about the love for Nihari. When ordered at home, the Nihari from Nihari express turns up steaming hot with a decent portioning of meat and gravy. The spicy flavour is as original as it can be- the load of lemon, ginger, chillies can be topped on as extra garnishes as per the taste buds.

Nihari is best enjoyed when it is hot and spicy. Nihari if delivered from so many other eateries when ordered looks like one gunky mess, but such is not the case with the food from Nihari Express. Tonight, round up the family together, ring up Nihari Express and enjoy an evening of laughter and fun.

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