Nishat Linen – Winter Clearance Sale 2014

Karachi faces winters seldom and when winter does arrive – the city becomes a huge cauldron of warm stylish winter wear. To say the least, winter wear arrives before winters here. Designers and different brand names flood the market with bright stylish and contemporary winter designs; women, men and children alike are seen in throngs shopping during the sweltering November for winter clothes.

Ironically people spend a lot more on winter shopping than they actually utilized. This is prime time for businesses since every person wishes to look the winter part. While most people tend to buy moderately priced clothes, they cannot help not going through the goods offered by the large local or international brand names for that matter. Highly priced for the exquisite designs and the brand name – such products are extremely attractive and tend to add a hefty stylish persona to the person wearing them. For some these are merely trinkets serving as personal fashion statements while for most these are luxury buys- seldom bought for special occasions or events in particular.

Nishat Linen - Winter Clearance Sale 2013-14

To put it all in a few words – all those who buy these luxury items rarely – a Winter Sale at Nishat Linen is nothing short of a jackpot. The branded store located in Dolmen Mall Clifton is hosting a winter clearance sale and this is not an ordinary sale. A mega sale on the most wanted stylish winter clothes, shoes, handbags is ON.

Up for grabs are the elegant winter designs from Nisha – each design a piece of art in itself is within reach at unbelievably low prices. Smart party shoes that would match any eastern or western outfit on sale are certainly not to be missed – be it the studded diamanté flat sandals, stylish stilettos or the comfortable pumps- at 30% discounts.

In addition are the luxurious leather bags or party clutch bags. No look is complete without some extravagant jewellery; one must not look further than the exquisite pieces offered by Nishat. The designs are modern and contemporary; thick and chunky pieces available will compliment a simple eastern or western outfit beautifully whereas a fine designs will work exceptionally well with heavily embroidered dresses.

Winter Clearance sale at Nishat Linen is the place for all those who have been longing to get their hands on the luxurious items, but were initially constrained by the size of their pockets. Nishat Linen store at Dolmen Mall Clifton is packed with customers rushing around trying to get hold of the best and cheapest deals possible. Offering discounts as much as 30% to 70%, it is wise to say – this is the best sale of the season so far. With the shop packed with customers, the staff is pleasant and always available to assist with any help needed.

Waiting will serve no purpose. Contrary to sitting idle and wasting the day at home women and young girls should step out now and make the most of the discounts. Winters will be giving one last performance prior to its exit for this season- and no one wants to pass such a great offer.

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