Noorani Katakat at Do Darya – For The Serene Night Out!

Barbecue food is sacred to the people of the sub-continent; the meat must be marinated in the right balance of spices and grilled to tender perfection with the grill marks. Barbecue food is the first choice of the people in and around k-town when it comes to eating out with family, friends or colleagues.

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A basic reason which contributes to the fame of barbecue being the most loved food is that it is centered on meat- people are meat lover here in Karachi and any meal is considered incomplete without it. Barbecues whether done at home or enjoyed outside is always enjoyed to the fullest.

The entire city of Karachi is home to numerous barbecue joints scattered hither and dither- the flavor is nearly the same. Barbecue from a well reputed and ages old restaurant Noorani has been around for many years. Noorani Katakat is originally located at the intersection of Shahrah-e-Quaideen and Allama Iqbal Road.

As the name suggests Katakat is a local desi delight of chopped meats and various organs with a blend of spices and tomatoes. Originally what began as journey for Katakat lovers evolved into a full-fledge restaurant.

Noorani Katakat is now by the famous DHA food street known as Do Darya. Tall standing wooden structure with soft warm lights is one of the many on the food street but surely the only ONE serving the best barbecue food around.

Address: Do Darya, Beach Avenue, Phase VIII, DHA Karachi. [Location Map]
Phone: 0314-2098982

Noorani Katakat offers malai boti which is made to absolute perfection and served piping hot with garlic or roghni naan toasted and brushed with a generous serving of butter or ghee. Known throughout the city for its famous Katakat- the barbecue at Noorani is equally delicious and must try for the real hearty meat lovers.

The menu is limited to desi delights, all of which are true delights. Another must have is the karhai with options of chicken or mutton- pick a subtle rich white karhai, the traditional red karhai or the delicious green or pepper karhai. The food is served hot and is worth the money being spent. A barbecue meal works wonderfully well with a great cup of doodh pati tea and Noorani provides just the strong sweet tea concoction.

Noorani Katakat at Do Darya - DHA Karachi (1) Noorani Katakat at Do Darya - DHA Karachi (2) Noorani Katakat at Do Darya - DHA Karachi (3) Noorani Katakat at Do Darya - DHA Karachi (4)

Food at Noorani is purely desi and the flavours are as authentic as the original can be, a great element of the food is the prime quality of meat and poultry. The real fun of the meal is enjoying it by the sea with the rush of waves in the background. The staff is courteous and service is prompt.

A new special addition to their menu is the spicy or namkeen (salty) ribs- the mutton ribs are must haves for anyone and everyone who loves meat. The Katakat as usual is a must try because it is a specialty, but the mutton ribs take the glory away.

This weekend plan a visit to Noorani Katakat and order the Mutton Ribs in your choice of the spices- the next moment every head will turn towards your table when they see the juicy tender and spicy ribs with the garlic naan- and you will enjoy the meal like a king.

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    The blessed month of Ramadan is here with infinite blessings and prayers for caregivers. Apart from this, one of the major specialty of this month is delicious food; samosas, fruit chaat, dahi baray and many other spicy dishes that make our iftaar traditionally delicious. However, you are surely going to plan your Iftaar out with friends and family, twice or thrice this month.

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