Nurseries in DHA Karachi

Greenery and colourful flowers symbolically represent environmentalism and growth. They have multifarious connotation which signify a positive, progressive and healthy approach towards life. DHA is committed to provision of aesthetically vibrant and healthy living environment to its residents. DHA has a network of well maintained nurseries spread over the entire area which beautify and make lively the surrounding environment with greenery, flower beds, aroma and fragrance; an aspect that makes DHA a nature friendly locality of the metropolis.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali asked Horticulture Directorate to revamp, reorganize and further beautify the nurseries in the Housing Authority which should not only create colourful and healthy natural surroundings but also create an environment which is exhilarating, attractive and enchanting. The uphill task was performed by the dedicated staff of Horticulture Deptt with aesthetic vision, innovation and unique planning. Accordingly a model nursery has been developed at Korangi Road-Kh-e-Ittehad Junction as a specimen model which has become a source of inspiration and guidance for other nurseries to emulate.

The Model Nursery has been innovatively revamped and refurbished with a touch of class, excellence and aesthetic vision. The ground has been leveled and smart pathways and dedicated exclusive portions on ground have been created. These portions have different species of plants including seasonal and permanent plants/flowers. A Green House has been beautifully designed which has different types of palm and shade plants. The corners of nurseries have been beautified with unique ideas and lights have been placed making the nursery a lively and attractive arena.

There is inundation of passer-bys and owners of nurseries who are flocking the venue to see the marvel and beauty of the model nursery. They are full of praise and appreciation for the dynamic initiative of DHA which has become an epic fountain that will be instrumental in growth and development of horticulture in DHA.

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