Obeez Burger – Gourmet Style Burgers & Sandwiches

Traveling around the world is an experience of a lifetime; it is about exploring the cuisines, the landscapes, understanding the diverse cultural background of the different nations. But one a serious notes most of the people face serious trouble with the kind of food they find around in the different countries.

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For the Muslims, the principle issue is of the food being halal. So any time people travel, they find solace in the burger joints- it is the meal to survive on. Initially burgers were considered a luxury food item straight from heaven when it was introduced in Pakistan; the queues were long as people waited for hours to get their hands on the international version of a bun kebab. Slowly the trend of burgers dwindled as people lost interest and the prices sky rocketed.

The number of burger joints in Pakistan was limited to a few known international food chains only and then the rest were watered down versions of these. Over the past year, the number of international burger joints increased by ten folds in Karachi- let the burger war begin.

The local entrepreneurs also stepped in this arena of burger wars with their own burger creations which seemed far more popular than the international fast food chains for two reasons- these burgers are pocket friendly and offer larger portioning with greater flavours.

Burgers have become staple diets of the youth and working men and women- it is by far the easiest food on the go without having to spend a lot of time on lunch. A good burger is one which has a meaty and juicy patty with a freshly baked bun. If the burger patty is moist, the burger becomes more delectable.

Obeez Burger - Gourmet Style Burgers & Sandwiches - DHA KarachiA burger will be loved when it is made of a bun which does not crumble away in hands. Asking quite a lot out of a burger aren’t we? Well, why not ask when the exact same goodness can be catered in the comforts of the home. Sounds like a great deal especially on a weekend night or for a late night meal. Look forward to Obeez Burger, located in Defence.

Obeez Burger offers gourmet burgers at an economical price range from 12:00 in the afternoon till 12:00 in the night. The chicken wasabi burger is absolutely divine and an exciting new flavour that must be tried- the menu at Obeez is not limited to burgers alone: the salads and sandwiches are equally delicious and highly recommended.

Obeez Burger - Gourmet Style Burgers & Sandwiches - DHA Karachi (2) Obeez Burger - Gourmet Style Burgers & Sandwiches - DHA Karachi (3) Obeez Burger - Gourmet Style Burgers & Sandwiches - DHA Karachi (4) Obeez Burger - Gourmet Style Burgers & Sandwiches - DHA Karachi (5) Obeez Burger - Gourmet Style Burgers & Sandwiches - DHA Karachi (6)

Another food item that must be tried is the Cajun Chicken Pasta- it is spicy and flavorsome. All the burgers are served with a generous helping of fries, homemade salad and coleslaw. The food is delivered hot and fresh within a decent stipulated time.

Address: Defence Garden, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35800082 and 021-35800083
Email: info@obeezburgers.com
Website: http://obeezburgers.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Obeezburger/

Obeez Burger experience will be incomplete without a serving of its delicious honey glazed wings- the wings are moist and smothered in a sticky finger honey glaze, literally finger licking good food. Obeez Burger offers decent pricing for the quantity and quality of food being offered and will surely not disappoint.

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