Ocean Grill By Zameer Ansari

Blaring horns and traffic do little to deter the loyal fans from enjoying barbecue at Zameer Ansari Kebab House located at Alamgir Road near Sadabahar Marriage Lawn. This roadside restaurant with its moist and oh-so-succulent desi style barbecue is much loved in Karachi, which is evident from the always packed dining hall. Waiters can be seen sprinting from vehicle to vehicle taking orders or carrying trays laden with food. This scenario is not specifically for weekend nights; on the contrary this is the turnover throughout the week.

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Food at Zameer Ansari Kebab House is distinctively original and flavoursome, thus people turn up in droves to enjoy the delicacies. Food for thought here would be the distance people travel to enjoy and simply put to have a good time-for tantalizing food from Zameer Ansari Kebab House.

Ocean Grill By Zameer Ansari

Lo and behold as this travel and distance is reduced to cinders with the opening of “Ocean Grill” by none other than K-town’s favourite Zameer Ansari at the The Ocean Mall Clifton. Similar delicacies but in a different set up; refined dining in contrast to the constant honks and traffic. Customers will enjoy char grilled smoky red or green masala tikkas with the traditional puri paratha fried till a deep golden colour; besides these is the delectable malai boti a special favourite for its rich smooth texture enjoyed with lacha paratha.

Address: The Ocean Mall, G-3, Block-9, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 0300-8244223

Lest one moves on, it would be an unpardonable sin to not mention the dhaga kebab which slips through the fingers as unrolled from the thread that binds them- piping hot dhaga kebabs smothered in a tangy chatni with a crunchy paratha will create bliss when dining. An amazing feat is how much flavour is packed into such simple treats, but this journey is not over until one has tried the Double fried Qeema; a word of caution to everyone with small appetites and simple diets, this delicacy is not for them. Double fried Qeema is sinfully good since it is barbecued Qeema smothered and fried in huge dollops of pure white butter for extra indulgence. Hearty eaters will love this treat for its extra ounces of dripping goodness of pure butter. Traditionally seekh kebabs comprise of a monotonous blend of spices found nearly at every barbecue station or outlet, in contrast the seekh kebabs at Zameer are thick and juicy with bold and pronounced flavours of green chillies- just enough to sizzle the taste buds.

More importantly the food presents the right blend of local spices, and it is this balance which makes Zameer Kebab House a must visit. The spice-o-meter for food at Zameer is just right and adapted to the taste buds of the local public. Henceforth Ocean Grill by Zameer Ansari will bring similar delectable goodness of the famous barbecue to its dining room at The Ocean Mall. It would be fair if it were said that Ocean Grill will be creating its niche very soon despite the competition around, given the stature and consistently good quality of food attributed to Zameer Ansari.

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