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K-town today is buzzing with the art of fine dining at the numerous restaurants scattered right across the main boulevards. Restaurants new and old alike are revamping their image and status in the face of the rising competition. Fine dining has become the law and rule for the restaurants to succeed. What the new restaurants are learning now and promoting is fast becoming the norm for the clients. People now look forward to fine dining as part of their experience when they chose to eat out.

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The ideology of fine dining is to create an ambiance which would lull the senses into calmness and bring out the flavor of food. Ideally, dimmer lights and wooden flooring are aesthetically more welcoming than a brightly lit space. As restaurants and cafes jump the fine dining band wagon, the greater emphasis is laid upon creating the appropriate ambiance which would work in coordination with the kind of cuisine being served.

Okra Restaurant - Zamzama Commercial Area, DHA Karachi (1)

The first restaurant in K-town on the famous Zamzama Street was Okra; set up in a quiet lane right where the fashion street ended. Okra was established in 1999- one of its kind offering Mediterranean cuisine. Okra is led by the best team of professionals who have given it all their heart and soul into bringing the true Mediterranean flavors to Karachi.

Address: 12-C, 10th Zamzama Commercial Lane, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0300-8207539, 021-35866616, 021-35831350
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Okra/131605614309
Website: http://www.okra.com.pk/

Okra is a small quaint space, decorated to suit the aesthetics and bring about a sense of calmness. The experienced staff is always at hand to guide the novices on this culinary expedition. The restaurant offers seating for 45 people only, so be sure to call up and book a table for lunch, brunch or a dinner. Because every dish at Okra is created with the finest imported and local produce to balance the flavors without losing the originality.


Ideally anyone who has had Mediterranean will know what beef Carpaccio is- minced beef with herbs, few will understand the flavor or the raw textures of meat, but anyone who does will never look back for sure. The Italian ARANCINI, rice balls with stuffing’s are deep fried till a crispy golden color- these delicious delights can be devoured at Okra. Though the pricing for the meals may be on the steeper, it is well worth the value being paid.

People who love meat will find themselves in heaven when they try the lamb shank or the lamb chops; the lamb chops are served with a pink peppercorn sauce which is a light jus instead of a thick starchy glob of sauce. Another dish to enjoy at Okra is the deep fried crispy calamari.

Finish off a meal with a chocolate gateaux- moist rich dense dome with a hot chocolate filling. Customers must not confuse the chocolate gateaux with the chocolate lava cake because the latter is a watered down version served by the other restaurants. Food at Okra is not for the masses in terms of the flavors and cuisine itself, but it is a must try for anyone who has the taste and love.

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