OMG – Oh My Grill

It is the era of abbreviations when a simple three letter word ‘LOL’ means an entire emotion of Laughing Out Loud. The world comes closer together each day as technology takes over the barriers. The world of food evolves at the same rapid pace as each day something new is introduced.

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Foodies find this experience exhilarating- the culinary delights offered from various different cuisines add so much more than just the ideology of enjoying food, it is transportation to the country of origin and understanding its local cuisines too. Amongst this constantly evolving culinary world are a few treats which are enjoyed day in and day out without the slightest hitch in flavors.

Some of these delights have travelled right across the globe and become a part of the local cuisines by incorporating the local ingredients. Such as a carb patty burger or an egg taco for the vegans. Adapting the flavor of the cuisine to the local ingredients is also part of creating greater acceptance for the food by the masses so that business may run profitably.

It is not possible to run a business for a very small niche and be able to sustain the heavily incurred costs at the same time- this requires the food to be accepted by the masses. Greatest chefs of the world have been working towards creating masterpiece dishes out of very simple ingredients. Similarly a good burger is made up of the finest quality of meat and smothered in an intricately balanced sauce with just the right amount of toppings.

OMG - Oh My Grill - Sehar Commercial Area, Phase-VII, DHA Karachi.

Given the burger wars in Karachi, there seems to be nothing but burgers for the people to try and the variety is limitless. Straight up from the home based entrepreneurs right down to the reputed burger chains, each one of them is bringing to the table their own version of the best burger with a twist or by maintaining the original flavors.

The heat for the burger wars is on. Adding a tad bit more competition to this arena is the new entrant which is out to bring a rad change with burgers is OMG – OH MY GRILL.

Address: Shop No. 1, Plot No. 6C, Sehar Commercial Area, Phase-VII, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0335-6646646

OMG is the new entrant meeting the competition head on and pleasing the customers as they walk in, in search of the best burgers in town. The twist here is- that there is no twist. The burgers are kept as original and authentic as possible and paired with the classics like aged cheddar.

The best and most exciting bit of the food experience at Oh My Grill is the Souvlaki which is essentially a green chicken wrap- Souvlaki at Oh My Grill is far from being authentic, but what they are serving is delicious and full of flavor.

The gourmet burgers has the swiss mushroom melt- a juicy meat patty with the mushrooms covered in bubbling swiss cheese. Oh My Grill is worth the visit and a must try for all the gourmet food lovers.

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