Oodles of Noodles at The Noodle House

K-town is caught in a hail of burger joints opening every now and then- this is a burger war at its peak. Each burger joint is set on bringing innovation to how burgers are made. Very soon people will get tired of the concept of burgers. What then will they look for? That is the question many have already started asking when heading out for dinners.

Best Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Similarly Chinese food has become extremely common and the flavours are altered to appeal to the local palate. Nearly every tom, dick and harry has invested in opening a Chinese restaurant; a major chunk of restaurants are serving extremely watered down versions of the authentic Chinese food, the flavours and ingredients are altered to appeal to the local taste buds.

Out of the entire lot of restaurants, very few are serving authentic Chinese cuisine. But then again, we arrive at the point where we began- which new cuisine to try? It has to be something new and totally radical. The cuisine has to be exquisite; flavours bursting in the mouth on the very first bite. People in Karachi are not mere foodies, they crave quality food.

The Noodle House - Dolmen Mall Clifton KarachiBringing the flavours of South East Asia to K-town is an international chain of restaurant: The Noodle House. Before we embark on this foodie journey through the marshes of south east-Asia; thrilling news would be, this is not ‘Just’ Chinese food. It is a lot more than just Chinese. There are flavours from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore to explore. The first Noodle House restaurant in Karachi opened in Pearl Continental Hotel, though after its roaring success a second outlet began operation in Dolmen Mall Clifton.

The Noodle House located at Dolmen offers spacious seating arrangements over-looking the sea shore. The atmosphere is calm and the staff is well trained including the trainees. A perfect start to the experience at Noodle House would be with the Wasabi Prawns or the Crispy Chicken Guilin Mayo. A recommendation for the experienced foodies would be the Salt and Pepper Calamari with a Chilli Soy.

An unforgivable sin would be to not try the Dim Sum whether chicken or shrimp, it depends on the customers completely. Dim Sum is an acquired taste nevertheless novice visitors might enjoy it. Curry Laksa with Chicken and Prawns is an authentic Malay dish which will satisfy the taste buds of all those who are looking for a spicy dish.

Moreover flavours from Singapore can be enjoyed with a roasted duck complemented with a Hoisin Sauce. Though an expensive dish to be ordered; duck should be ordered if preferred over the other proteins available. From the specialties Penang fish curry is another one of the Malay cuisines which is a must try when at The Noodle House. To end this spectacular journey- the house specialty of lava cake with green tea ice-cream is the dish to order.

This is one costly expedition, but worth the money spent. The Noodle House is the change most people are looking for.

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