Open Computerized Balloting for Farmhouses- Phase II in DHA City Karachi (DCK)

Open Computerized Balloting for allotment of iconic Farmhouses-II in DHA City Karachi (DCK), an upcoming residential cum commercial project on Super Highway, was held at the Visitors Centre in DCK. Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali was the chief guest of the function.

A modern, fool proof and credible system was used for the balloting. The applicants’ data was thoroughly checked by a Board of Officers to ensure error free, transparent and above board conduct of the balloting. The results have been posted on DHA’s website.

Administrator made the important announcement of granting possession of plots to the allotees in Sector-3 and opening the sector for construction that will unleash a new era of progress and prosperity in the area. In Sector-3, the vanguard sector of DCK, the infrastructure development work has been completed and civic/social amenity buildings have been constructed. DCK Junior School has already started functioning for spread of quality education which is manifest of first sign of livability in the area.

Administrator also revealed some dynamic initiatives of DHA in the offing that will be a quantum leap forward towards DCK development. These include opening of Sector-5 and 7 for construction soon, allocating specific numbers to Farmhouses and opening new venues of development in Central Business District of DHA City.

Administrator DHA congratulated the successful applicants of the ballot and thanked the public including overseas Pakistanis for their overwhelming response for the project. He said that the same reflected the high degree of their trust and confidence in the credibility, reputation and viability of DHA’s undertakings.

A large number of people including reps of DHA Residents’ Associations, DEFCLAREA, notables and senior civil and military officers attended the ceremony.

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  1. Syed hasan says:

    Asaalam alykum, I am looking to purchase 500yrds plot. Plot where I can start the construction in near future.
    Sayed hasan

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