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The Chinese people must have forgotten how the techniques of cooking Chinese food given the liberal amounts of altercations done to the flavors and cooking method by the people of South East Asia.

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Chinese cooking has become integral to the people of the sub-continent because the strong Chinese flavors are neutralized with the local spice substitutes- works extremely well for the local people but is nothing less of a misdemeanor on part of the originality of the cuisine. Salvaging of what is left of the Chinese cuisine many eateries in K-town have taken it upon themselves to set the bar up high for the true authentic flavors.

While the Chinese cuisine becomes completely integrated as part of the local cuisine preferences, Japanese and Thai cuisine are still in the early stages of trial. While a lot of up-scale five star hotels offer authentic Japanese food, not many people head that way. Only those customers who have either a developed palate for Japanese or are willingly to dole-out large sums just for some experimenting can be seen heading to these five star hotels.

Chinese food has become a known territory in terms of flavor and cooking style as a result of which the masses have developed a liking towards it, giving it preference over the local cuisine at times. When it comes to Japanese and Thai cuisines for that matter, they are not yet accepted completely however there seems to be an ongoing trend to try what is new.

Ouishi Sushi - Swiss Cottage Block 4 Clifton Karachi

A reason why Japanese food is not sought after is the perception of the raw fish and shell fish being served in sushi, but people fail to realize that sushi and sashimi are an element of the Japanese cuisine and not the cuisine in itself. To correct the exact same misconception and bring about a new experience for the culinary explorers is a restaurant Ouishi Sushi.

Address: F73/4, Swiss Cottages, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35865149
Email: oishiisushii@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OishiSushiKarachi/

Ouishi Sushi specialized in Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese cuisines- authentic flavors of the Far East. To begin with at Ouishi Sushi is the culinary marvel of Sushi and Sashimi; now do not be alarmed and cringe nose in disgust without giving the dish a fair trial.

Sushi is raw fish of the finest quality rolled in rice and wasabi and finally wrapped in a seaweed wrapper- it can be dipped in soy sauce or devoured on its own. Sushi is not bland at all, surprised? This is because of the Wasabi sauce- this fiery hot green paste can set fire to all the senses with the tinniest of the drops in a sushi roll.

Sashimi at Ouishi Sushi is intricately a sushi turned inside out but without the sea weed wrapper. Novices may begin this Japanese culinary journey with steamed prawns as fillings instead of raw fish. Another spectacular dish on the menu is Chawanmushi- literally translated as a savory egg custard. The Chawanmushi works very well with the Yakitori which is basically meat on a skewer marinated in Japanese sauces.

The Korean and Thai menus are equally exquisite and delicious. However the Japanese flavors are bold and strong taking one on a joyous culinary experience, though the items are slightly priced on the steeper side- the food is worth it.

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