Outfitting Winter Sale at Outfitters

As winters give another grand performance before exiting this year, many scramble to find the already packed away and stored clothes. To begin with most alluringly are the season ends sales-be it winters, summers, spring or autumn. People wait to buy their desired products at the right time- the time of the sale. Young girls and boys looking for attires befitting a return to the university or just young mothers looking for clothes to adorn while working at home- hunting for great bargains is just what they do best.

To say the least, western outfits have become far more comfortable to carry off while at work, university or at home. Nothing too flashy, instead just a simple T-shirt and jeans would suffice; comfortable and easy to carry out. Food for thought is the concept of a retail outlet of western wear comprising of attires for young girls and boys, working women, the children and the infants. A one stops shop for all the fashion needs.

Outfitters a local brand name from Lahore is one such retail outlet specializing in western wear which acts as a pit stop for nearly the entire family. Outfitters, Outfitters Junior, Ethnic and Bang are all brands of the parent company Times Clothing Pvt Limited.

Outfitters have recently opened an outlet in Dubai while there are plans to open further outlets in other destinations. At present a Winter Sale is under way at Outfitters outlet in Dolmen Mall Clifton. Discount offerings of up to 50% are available for the loyal fans and all those who have previously missed out on good deals.

Sweatshirts and coats are in vogue this season for men and women both, though they are slightly costly but on sale at Outfitters; a moment’s thought is enough to lose out on a great bargain deal. Up for grabs are clutch bags studded with spikes or diamantes which look fabulous on women and young girls, these can be carried off on traditional and western wear alike.

A gorgeous black and white stripped hand bag originally at a price of Rs2500 can be bought for Rs1300. Is this deal for real? Yes, it is and most certainly for a limited period of time. Skin tight jeans in flowery designs and patterns are just the need for summer complemented with a pale white shirt. The combination is elegant and an easy look to carry out for casual hang outs and coffee morning.

Women will be shopping till they drop because with every turn in the shop, some new item is sure to attract them. Men can linger around the shop and try on a comfortable pair of casual shoes to be worn over a casual set of clothes for an evening out or merely to match a pair of jeans. Young men on the other hand will be ecstatic to see belts, jeans and shirts on sale- sure to make them look like male models in university and gatherings.

Do not dwindle, thinking about what to do- get up and dash to the nearest Outfitters outlet to get the best deals.

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