Outgoing CEO of Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) Visits DHA Karachi

Mr Shahroom Safdar Khattak, the outgoing CEO of Cantonment Board Clifton called on Administrator DHA Brig Zubair Ahmed in his Office on a farewell visit.

Outgoing CEO of Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) Visits DHA Karachi

Administrator appreciated the co-operation exhibited and the remarkable services rendered by the outgoing CEO for the improvement of civic amenities for residents in DHA.

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  1. Sub: Transfer of Plot No. 470/471 Bizerta Lines Karachi Cant.

    Dear Concern,

    This is to inform you that I am currently owner of Plot No. 470/471 Bizerta Lines Karachi Cant. I am very upset and disappointed that I was visited many more times in your concern department of KARACHI CANTONMENT For the porous of transfer owner name documentation information. But at the same time I was meet Mr, Abdul Salam He told me very rudely and ruffle about the documentation of above property. I have been full fill all the requirement of the documentation and submitted the concern department which he told me, on date of October 31,2016. Today November 29, 2016 I received a latter from your concern department in which is mention that my case of transferring is rejected because of 3 reasons.but the 2 reasons are not solid. 1st reason is the documentation of property I prepared according to the advice of Mr, Abdul Salam. The 2nd thing is mentions in this Latter that the sale agreement executed between you and syed Asghar Ali is on Rs 100/- Stamp paper which under the stamp act. Required to be on stamp paper worth Rs. 500/-. But before the preparation of documentation I ask many times Mr, Abdul Salam which stamp paper is required for the procedure of transfer. He told me Rs 100/- Stamp paper is required. In this Latter have also an error my father name is wrong My father name is Muhammad Nawaz but they write Muhammad Nawaz Khan it is very unprofessional.
    On the other side I told Mr, Abdul Salam that it is 1 plot because its construction is upon 1 room ,1 bath, 1 kitchen and according to the record of your department it is 2 plots, in which 471/29yards and 470/25 yards total measurement of 2 plots according to your department is 54 yards. It is not commercial area but yet your department have divided my 1 small plot into 2 plots. It is very difficult for middle class family to maintain the expanse of documentation and Leases procedure of these 2 plots.
    I deeply request you that the matter of 2 plots measurement converte into 1 plot and transfer this plot on my name. Dear Concern kindly suitable actions Require for my case .


    Cell No: 0300 0927957
    Email: hmasifawan@gmail.com

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