Painting Atelier at AFK


This painting workshop invites everyone to learn to draw and paint works that they like and to gain self-confidence in their journey as an artist.

Duration: Monthly
Time: Tuesdays 10 AM to 12 PM
Ages: 15 and up
Monthly Course Fee: Rs. 8,000
Event Link:

Materials required:
1 box of acrylic paints
1 box of oil paints
1 brush set
White sheet (Canson)
Cloth for cleaning
A bottle of turpentine
1 small and 1 medium canvas

About the instructor:
Anne Sophie Français has a diploma from Beaux Arts Paris. She has taught arts & crafts and painting across the world including in France, Morocco, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia. Her classes have a focus on ecology and are open to the possibility that everybody can paint.

Registrations are on a rolling basis. Please visit their reception to register at least 2 days before the class starts so you have time to buy the required materials.

They recommend at least 3 months of participation to see results. The class date will be confirmed to registered participants. If you have not heard from them, please check with their reception before arriving for classes.

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