Painting Exhibition: Flights of Imagination by Mariam Saeedullah

Clifton Art Gallery invites you to their Painting Exhibition to appreciate the Flights of Imagination by Mariam Saeedullah.

Mariam Saeedullah is an experienced painter. Her paintings depicts the legacy of mogul and bird kind. She is considered as one of the genuine pursuer of art, she got the training from different prestigious institutes and  become one of a senior artist of Pakistan. She paints with different colors, gouache, watercolors & dyes over silk and paper along with applying steaming or fixing process so that her paintings continue to shine.

‘In my art it is my endeavor to meld my traditional influences and training in fine arts and Sumi-e techniques in works which are personal to me. In this exhibition I am showcasing two of my favorite areas of expression: birds – both fantastical and grounded in realism and my own adaptation of the Mogul miniature style.’ 

– Mariam Saeedullah

You can visit her Mogul style work at Clifton Art Gallery from 15th January, 2018 till 20th January, 2018 from 11:30 am till 9 pm. Would you like to see some non-traditional images such as the ‘Escaping on a Bullock Cart’ as well as the more traditional ‘Elephant Procession. Then save the date to visit Clifton Top Art Gallery.

Address: F44/1 Block 4 Clifton (E-Street)  Karachi, Pakistan
Contact number: +92-21-35875827, +92-300-9294108

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