Pakistan Flower Show 2017

Pakistan Flower Show 2017 opened on Thursday evening at DHA Seaview Public Park. The venue of the show is presenting an exquisite view of colour and beauty with exotic fragrance of multi coloured seasonal flowers adding to the ambience of the scene. Horticulture Society of Pakistan has organized the splendid floral show in collaboration with DHA and CBC.

Love of flowers is the essence of life. The flowers reflect natural beauty and leave indelible marks of aesthetic delight and creative charm on human mind. The charming beauty of colourful flowers is both refreshing and a blissful joy of life. It provides aesthetic delight to the people and has a soothing and calming effect on their nerves so essential for promotion of love, harmony and tolerance in society.

The Flower Show is manifestation of abounding greenery and colourful natural surroundings in DHA. A large number of people from all walks of life are visiting the venue of the Flower Show and appreciating the beautiful and innovatively arranged flowers arrangement at different stalls. There is a huge variety of flowers and plants displayed at the venue which is attracting the public interest. The people visiting the venue are basking in blissful joy and pleasure. There are many attractions for children, women and flower lovers at the show.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali said that DHA was committed to provide lively and aesthetically vibrant living environment to its residents. He said that DHA Horticulture Directorate is dedicatedly engaged in beatification of surrounding areas and thus creating lively, healthy and charming living environment in DHA. He said that a healthy and beautiful environment created through versatile horticulture interventions is not only attractive and enchanting but also serves the purpose of revitalization of senses so essential for a healthy living. He added that flower show is a lively activity that helps in promotion of positive and healthy trends in society.

The entire DHA these days including its parks, clubs, educational institutions, mosques and DHA Head Office present a dazzling and exhilarating scene with sprouting fragrance and colour in the environment.

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  1. Dear Sir
    It would very effective , if you could at-least provide a list of participants in the flower show, their main products contact email ids, Tel no’s and their addresses, as courtesy.
    I will be grateful, If possible, can I get one such list if it is available
    Thanks and best regards
    M Nusrat Saeed

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