Pakistan Kese Bana: Discussing the Political History of Pakistan by T2F

It’s important to find the answer to the question, “How Pakistan was made?”, because the answer that the establishment had given to the query was false and the fallacy was imposed on the country with consistency. A discussion with author Hasan Jaffer Zaid and Dr. Syed Jaffer Ahmed moderated by Khalid Mehboob.


Syed Jaffar Ahmed

Professor Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed is a Karachi-based scholar and academic who teaches Government and Politics, Modern Indian History, Research Methodology, and Contemporary Socio-political Issues of Pakistan. He has written and edited twenty-five books on history, politics and literature. His research articles have been published in international and national journals and anthologies. Dr. Ahmed was Director of the Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi. Presently he is Director Institute of Historical and Social Research and dean faculty of Social Sciences, Sohail University Karachi. He has served for four years as President of Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences, and at present is General Secretary, Institute of Central and West Asian Studies (ICWAS), University of Karachi.

Hassan Jafar Zaidi

Hassan Jafar Zaidi, a renowned political analyst and historian, is professionally an engineer, with a passion to develop progressive narrative of Pakistani Nationalism. He graduated from UET, Lahore in Electrical Engineering all the while contributing political analysis in the weekly Nusrat in 1970. From then on, he continued to write for many Urdu and English newspapers like Daily Musawat and Dawn. He served as Joint-Secretary of Halqa-i-Arbab-i-Zouq, Lahore,. Then he devoted to a multi-volume project of research on history of Pakistan and Muslim history under Zahid Chaudhary, a great scholar, journalist and political analyst. Twelve volumes on Political History of Pakistan; and four volumes on Political History of Muslims have already been published from this project. Another fifteen volumes on Muslim History and ten volumes on the history of sub-continent are under publication. He is president of Idara-e-Mutalaa-e-Tareekh a private institution who has revisited history to outgrow from nostalgia by studying history as a science, instead of a fiction or a narration of the Past.

About the Moderator:

Khalid Mehboob is a well-known political analyst and researcher. He is professionally a licensed engineer and an educationist. He has edited a number of books and has written articles on crucial stages of Pakistan history. He provided research assistance to Zahid Chaudhry and later to Hassan Jaffer Zaidi. He is well known in the grass-root academic circles various others working for towards uplifting of the oppressed classes of Pakistan. Furthermore, he presented thirteen episodes of “Quaid ne kaha”; program of PTV based on his research. He is presently the secretary of Idara-e-Mutalaa-e-Tareekh.

Date: Friday, 14th August 2020
Time: 8:00PM-9:00PM
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