Pakistan Summit 2013 at Carlton Resort Hotel and Club

Pakistan Summit 2013 at Carlton Resort Hotel and Club

The Pakistan Summit emerges as the only event that demands the youth to address the current and historic situation of Pakistan. With its aim and objective to empower the youth to make a stance for the betterment of Pakistan the event would serve as the potential to resolve the most important issues faced by Pakistan today and in the past. The event aims for a nationwide diplomat meetup for finding more viable solutions for the national insurgency.

Pakistan Summit would involve a four committee simulation. These four committees would have formal moderated caucuses as well as informal un-moderated caucuses. Furthermore, participants would be expected to come up with formal bills by the end of the last session. These bills would be on the lines of formal Pakistan declarations/ bills and the command over official constitution of Pakistan. These bills aim to come up with comprehensive strategies to combat the crisis at hand and produce long-term solutions for the same. Upholding the spirit of mediation shall be the main theme behind these bills.

  • National Assembly – The participants would represent the personalities of The National Assembly of Pakistan and would resolve the issues on the floor.
  • Chairman’s Cabinet – A round table conference with the chairman’s of all the political parties of Pakistan who would join hands to answer the emergency situation pertaining in the country.
  • Historic Leaders Cabinet – A committee set up from the past (1948 to 1975) where history repeats itself with the outcomes unknown.
  • Court of Justice – The courtroom; strong rules and crucial cases. Where the future lawyers show their strengths and bend justice on their side.

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