Panino Sano – The Healthy Scrumptious Sandwich!

Health should always be priority number one for every person because only if a person is healthy will they be able to enjoy their life. A trending pattern has been noticed as people turn towards eating more healthy options in comparison to the choices made previously.

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It is far easier to eat healthy at home than when eating outside. Eating out usually centers around heavy rich food like steaks or the often newly opened burger joints, when it comes to eating healthy the choices are very limited. And seriously what is essential is that eating healthy does not mean just a bowl of salad with an array of dressings, it has to be and it is more than just salads.

Sadly for all the weight watchers and health conscious people out there, they usually have to resort to wilted salads while the rest of the company enjoys delicious deep fried or grilled dishes. Thereon begins the stage of cheating on diet plans and the start of weight gain.

Anyone would think why limit to just salads, there are sandwiches to choose from as well. Think again, sandwiches are healthy, but the layers of cheese and mayo are certainly not weight friendly options. So in reality, the people are back at square one- salads.

Panino Sano Gourmet Sandwich - DHA KarachiIt is saddening when options for sandwiches are limited to the typical smoked chicken, fajita or hunter beef- dull and monotonous. Sandwiches should be light and fresh incorporating flavours like salmon and curd cheese with chives or a selection of lean cuts; sounds interesting and tempting to literally everyone- whether weight conscious or not. In search of such a tempting yet healthy sandwich choices, we at DHAToday came across Panino Sano.

Address: 5th Commercial Lane, Zamzama Commercial Area, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35878554
Mobile: 0335-2686432

Panino Sano offers the wildest choices in the range of healthy and scrumptious sandwiches which have been prepared in a highly hygienic environment with the finest low fat ingredients.

Hold on a minute before be delve further into the world of Panino Sano delicacies- everyone must know that low fat choices does not necessarily mean bland and boring food. Panino Sano will correct this conception instantly. The sandwiches offered are delicious in terms of flavor and healthy dietary options.

The freshest ingredients are handpicked and prepared in the most hygienic conditions with the use of the finest low fat cheeses, lean meat and freshly baked bread. The ultimate success of a good sandwich throughout the world is based on the quality of the baked bread and the ingredients that make the sandwich- Panino Sano takes the cake when it comes to the success of making the finest sandwiches.

The next time when going out and hoping to eat healthy, take a pit stop at Panino Sano and enjoy the healthy scrumptious sandwiches- you will not regret the decision.

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