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Breakfasts have now become the meal of the day and this applies not just for homes, on the contrary breakfast at different restaurants and cafes all around have created a buzz for their breakfast spreads. With the constant innovation being applied to the numerous breakfast treats, people have started focusing a lot more on eating healthy and light.

Best Cafés in DHA Karachi & Clifton

This innovation and change has been transmitted to the new restaurants who are working on incorporating zing in their menu to attract a constant flow of loyal customers. Creating restaurants is the fairly easy bit in comparison to managing and maintaining the standards. An unhappy customer is bound to bad mouth the eatery which would mean potential customers could be lost.

Pantry Breakfast - Zamzama DHA KarachiSo for a café or restaurant serving straight from 8am till 12 am, this entails heavy customer load, requiring the management to keep each customer happy and satisfied with their orders. In no means an ordinary feat, the fat would really be in the fire if the menu is different for each set of the day. That would mean hands on perfect service the first time in terms of quality and quantity of food.

Breakfast at Pantry is a must try- prepared with the wholesome goodness of the freshest local ingredients. Easy enough to locate, it is packed with customers in the morning all of whom are looking forward to a delightful traditional American breakfast.

Address: 14-C, Lane 10, Zamzama Commercial Area, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35810515

Any regular customer at the Pantry will recommend Eggs benedict- poached eggs topped with luscious hollandaise sauce served with English muffins and bacon. Despite the eggs being poached-not a norm here-they are the supreme highlight of the breakfast here at Pantry. The egg selection is by far the best, because there are flavours such as garlic, caramelized onions, mushroom and emmental cheese being incorporated together into a delicious country style omelette. The flavours might be new to the palate of most, but as the taste develops, it becomes an addiction.

The salmon platter is a combination of salty salmon and fresh slightly bitter rocket leaves complemented by hard-boiled eggs; certainly not recommended for all those who have not previously tried such a combination however for those with the developed palate- light and fresh- this is just the dish to order.

A traditional American breakfast is incomplete without waffles and butter milk pancakes, however pantry adds its own twist- pancakes have a hint of cinnamon while waffles are served with fresh fruit and oozing maple syrup. A good thing about the waffles at pantry is that they are soft and chewy on the inside but crisp on the outside making them the best ever to be served around. The selection of breads offered at Pantry is full of healthy goodness- ciabatta, sour dough, olive ciabatta, poppy seed buns- which will make excellent breads for sandwiches. The bread and dessert selection is made in house and up for retail sales.

So any visit at Pantry will not go empty; return with packets of wholesome bread or divine desserts to enjoy throughout the weeks without missing out on your favourite eatery.

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