PappaRoti – With Love From Malaysia

Caffeine is the antidote for sleep, hectic work hours or merely to calm the nerves for people throughout the world. Caffeine is consumed through tea or coffee, both the brews are essential for people as soon as they step out of bed. If not then Lord Help all those in the way because the morning blues immediately transform into a raging storm of bad temper.

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A cup of tea or coffee right out of bed does not just wake up the person; it brings back the feeling of being alive after a deep long sleep. With the sense reinvigorating after the usual morning dose, many are able to function normally and above all think clearly. A fresh and energetic start to the morning is brought about by tea or coffee; as people savour the taste, caffeine rushes through the system waking up every nerve and cell. It is often noted that people tend to respond with a lot more focus after their caffeine intakes. To say that a cup of tea is merely a brew of tea leaves later incorporated with milk and sugar is highly unjustified.

Tea or coffee is differently brewed and incorporated with various flavours or elements at times, depending upon the geographic area in question. A prime example here would be of the sub-continent; tea in Pakistan is a simple concoction of tea leaves milk and sugar as per the taste. In contrast, the tea in India is infused with flavours such as Chamomile, ginger or elaichi- a much loved tea concoction from India is the Masala Chai.

PappaRoti LogoMalay chain by the name of ‘PappaRoti’ has arrived in K-town in Dolmen Mall Clifton, to bring to the caffeine addicts their own version of tea and its accompaniments. At Papparoti, coffee and tea addicts will be satisfied to their hearts content. Choices in tea are eccentric, leaving customers craving for more. To name a few of the chai (tea) specialties, they would have to be: Pappa Kadak Chai, Elaichi Chai, and Ginger or Jasmine chai for all those willing to experiment with their caffeine intakes. However if unsure, one can just order the regular chai.

But what is tea without an accompaniment one asks- it’s a lonely cup of tea. To accompany such a lavish tea spread is a bun with a crusty top which is soft, moist and buttery on the inside- this is the Papparoti Bun. Buns at Papparoti are special because they are baked there and then right when the order is placed, thus when it reaches the table, it is oven fresh. As far as the coffee is concerned, they have espresso, cappuccino and Americano to name a few. It is entirely upon the discretion of the customer whether they would like to enjoy the buns with chai, coffee or iced drinks.

A simple treat of tea and bun at Papparoti can cost upto Rs 500-600 depending upon the order. Since additional toppings can be added to the buns for extra charges. Though it may seem costly- it is worth the money because the caffeine brews are made to perfection, easing stress pre and post work hours.

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