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Every girl wants to look different and beautiful on her big day. Don’t you want your wedding day to be perfect? Marriage is a type of union, where the bride and groom are selected by their families. In our society arrange marriages are appreciated where families select the bride for his son and groom for her daughter. But now love marriages are also being acceptable.

There’s nothing wrong with having a small or no wedding at all. It doesn’t mean that people who decide to have smaller and decent weddings have a smaller amount of love and affection, and it also doesn’t mean the point of the entire thing for the couple has become lost in a sea of tulle and tuxes. Some couples decide to make things easier for their parents and there’s nothing wrong with this.

As far as bride’s look is concerned. People are most curious about it rather than other relatives of the family. We would recommend Pareesa Kaher for your special day look. Bridal makeup is her brilliance as it requires a lot of activity to approach a girl get her best appearance on the wedding day. They only provide makeup and hair services now. She’s very good at makeup art. They believe in quality over quantity and that’s the only reason why whoever has gotten their makeup done from them has loved and admired them. Every client is satisfied with her absolute work.

Pareesay Kaher has just opened her studio in 2016. She attends 6 to 7 clients in a day. Party makeup, Nikkah look,Mehndi look, hair & up-dos and Bridal makeup is the most favorite. Pareesa Kehar recently gives classes of hair master to those who were interested in learning. Charges were reasonable that every student with interest can afford it.

Wedding in Islam is known as the most beautiful relationship a couple could have. Marriage completes half of the life. The Messenger of Allah highlighted that “within marriage the woman is a companion who plays an essential role in earning the pleasure and blessings of Allah.”

Address: Askari 3, civil lines, Karachi. Pakistan.
Contact number: 0337 9211776


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