Path of Titans by SOL

What is “Path of Titans”?

“Path of Titans” is an interactive learning series, which will serve as a platform for the participants to interact and stream lessons taught by the titans of the industry. Where these professionals will talk about their creative process, their craft, their journey, methods and profound insights by condensing their lifetime‘s experiences, over a couple of lessons.

Themes & Experts:

The diverse catalog that will include wide array of maestros who have proved their metal, we make it possible for you to learn from the best directors, authors, composers, musicians, business leaders, digital entrepreneurs, photographers, actors, educationalists and more.

Comprising of a playlist with themes ranging from business, leadership, film making, acting, interior designing , comedy , music , creative writing , storytelling , photography, architecture, politics , economy, science and technology.

It will not only make it possible for anyone to be taught by the greatest, but with path of titans you could peak into their world, by having a glimpse of creative spaces where these instructors draw their inspiration from, you will get a chance to step into the recording studio of the most admired musician, the library of the brilliant dramatist, the workplace of the renowned interior designer.

Who is it for?

This can prove a useful tool for creative professionals who want to further their careers through interactive learning from the experts in their professions or individuals who want to take a leap of faith to pursue a different field, which might seem like an uncharted territory to them yet are curious to know more about it.

This module introduces learners to individuals who are experts in their respective fields, to transcend beyond stereotypical blockade of limited professions and to explore other avenues, and other professions they never thought could become a viable career option.

These digital crash courses will help uncommon performers to attain self-mastery, to unlock their creativity, enhance their craft as a professional, and elevate their impact on the world.

These content rich sessions will be created to deliver a user friendly experience and substantial results. Intended at bringing to you a great learning experience with the sprinkle of iconic stardust.
Investment & Date will be announced soon.

So, uncover the path of titans,
And get a chance to learn from the finest!

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Venue: School of Leadership, Business Executive Center F-17 Block 8 Clifton.
Date: 25th – 28th July, 2020
Time: 6 pm
Event Link:

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