Percussion 101 with Ibadullah Shaikh at T2F

‘Whenever people gather to play the drum, the world becomes a better place.’ – Olatunji

Sign up to explore the world of Percussion, A Six Day Workshop with Ibadullah Shaikh at T2F. Come beat some skin to make music!

  • Introduction to percussion (music, rhythm, time, beat, structure)
  • Introduction to instruments (djembe, darbuka, bongos, cajon, shakers, tambourines, bells)
  • Traditional rhythms from around the world (Arabia, Africa, Indo-Pak, Western)
  • Ensemble performance

About the Instructor:
Ibadullah Shaikh trains as a qigong instructor at Thai Qi Holistics in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is an Acumen Leadership Fellow 2017, and has a degree in Communication Design from University of Karachi.

He believes in wellness; body, mind, and soul. His experience, interest, and passion have led him to practice as a wellness facilitator. His purpose is to nurture rounded individuals who are motivated to explore their creative potential. He blends mindfulness, movement, and music to equip children, and adults, with a stable foundation which enables them to make informed choices in life, and form deep connections with the world around them.

He is engaged as a Mindfulness and Music teacher at Links Lower Primary School. He teaches qigong at DCTO School (Kiran Foundation). He conducts meditation sessions for Head & Neck Cancer survivors at AKUH. He also facilitates drum circles for schools, corporations, and public spaces.

The workshop is open to 6 students maximum. They have a first come, first served policy, please come in and sign up at T2F (between Monday – Friday | 1pm-6pm) or send them an email at to register yourself for this workshop

Event Name: Percussion 101 with Ibadullah Shaikh
Venue: The Second Floor (T2F), 10-C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 Extension, DHA, Karachi.
Date: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 4th – 5th – 6th – 11th – 12th – 13th July 2018
Time: 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Registration Fee: Rs. 6000/-
Facebook Event:

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