Personality Dimensions® Training Session with Ali Asghar Dossa at T2F

Join The Second Floor on 21st October 2018 for a one-day ‘Personality Dimensions® Training Session with Ali Asghar Dossa from 4pm – 8pm.

Since its publication in 2003, over 500,000 people world-wide have experienced a Personality Dimensions® workshop. Personality Dimensions® is an exceptional tool to use with intact teams, new teams, teams undergoing change, trainers, coaches, facilitators and teachers and other diverse groups. It is an excellent model for topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, leadership development, change management, sales and marketing, customer service and career planning. It is a valuable asset for any trainer to add to his or her toolkit. Personality Dimensions® is a “B” level psychological instrument. To maintain its integrity and professionalism, a specific level of training is required to administer the tool.

In addition to developing a better knowledge of self, Personality Dimensions® will lead to a great ability to recognize the strengths and appreciate the differences in others thus leading the better team cohesion, fostering collaboration and building confidence and team moral.

Recognize Strengths and Appreciate Differences

  • Express yourself appropriately
  • Appreciate yourself & others
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Identify potential problems early
  • Elevate morale and enthusiasm
  • Optimize team performance
  • Organize efficient teams
  • Influence others positively

Goals of the Training:
At the completion of the training the participants will develop personal strengths and concrete strategies in communication, team building, conflict resolution and influencing and the ability to negotiate more effectively, support and encourage others and the ability to organise efficient teams.

About the Instructor:

  • Experienced Level 1 Personality Dimensions Facilitator
  • Certified Career Counsellor and Life Skills Coach with over 8 years of experience
  • Certified to conduct and interpret “B” level psychological instruments
  • 8 years of experience in the field of counselling and facilitation
  • 500 plus participants trained
  • Explore to learn more about Ali Asghar Dossa
  • Participants will be registered on the personality dimensions website and will receive a certificate of participation from Personality Dimensions International.*

Date: Sunday, 21st October 2018
Timings: 04:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Registration Fee: Rs. 2000/-
Facebook Event:

*They only have capacity for 25 participants, so kindly come in and sign up at T2F (1pm-6pm) or send them an email at for online registrations. First come, first served.**

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