Phase VIII – The Most Prime Investment Hotspot in DHA Karachi

The popularity of Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is beyond question since its inception in Pakistan, whether it is DHA Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad. DHA, a posh residential society and a widely trusted real estate investment hotspot, always wins the comparison competition due to the world class facilities, and amenities it offers to dwellers and the benchmark, it sets for other residential societies to follow. Besides launching new phases and sectors in all three leading cities, the DHA management has planned to introduce the country’s most acclaimed project in other cities such as Multan and Gujranwala. Real estate agents and investors have appreciated this avant-garde step but they believe that DHA Karachi will always remain the best highlight of the entire project.

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Therefore, let’s get the scoop on different phases of DHA Karachi to realize the project’s importance on the basis of its demand and popularity graph. This information will surely help investors in devising their future investment strategy and property buyers to see where there home should be.

Phase VIII - The Most Prime Investment Hotspot in DHA Karachi

Karachi has been subjected to the violence and severe law & order issues for years. Therefore, local dwellers of the city either migrate to other cities or look for a residence where they can feel safe and secure. DHA Karachi is one such locality that offers peaceful life to its residents so it has become the most sought-after address there. Besides secure lifestyle in Karachi, its prime location and high end projects in it such as DHA Creek Vista Apartments, Creek Marina, Crescent Bay and The Arkadians make it much more attractive for potential real estate investors.

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As per real estate agents, the recent political turmoil and increase in percentage of property taxes have shaken the realty market across the country. However, only genuine property buyers and investors kept the market alive and a step away from being completely standstill. Based on the number of queries received at from January to October 2014, and the fractional analysis of the investment trend in DHA Karachi, it can be claimed that Phase VIII is the most popular and a prime investment hotspot in DHA Karachi. In comparison to every other phase in DHA Karachi, Phase VIII remained on top throughout the year 2014 in terms of searched queries.

The reason can be the value and huge profit, it offers to the investors as compared to DHA Lahore and Islamabad. Moreover, Phase VIII is the biggest (spread over 4000 acres), enjoys the most secluded location in the entire development and offer numerous investment opportunities. The blues of Arabian Sea have covered it from three sides and it is the closest development to the cluster of isles located on the south-east of the city. The development also offers the modern infrastructural facilities and world class amenities such as clubs, and parks and luxury dwellings.

The residential sectors of Phase VIII are divided into zones from Zone A to Zone E that start from Khayaban-e-Qasim and end at Khayaban-e-Bilal. Whereas, the commercial division has a 100 & 200 square yard plot, categorized from Zone A to E and has prominent centres including Zulfiqar Commercial, Al Murtaza Commercial, and the Peninsula Commercial. According to a renowned real estate agent, the reason behind the huge investment in DHA Karachi Phase VIII can be the style of property developments if offers. Creek Vista Apartments, The Arkadians, Creek Marina and Crescent Bay are few of the renowned and most appreciated developments there and all of them are designed and developed keeping international property development standards and styles in view. These developments can be compared to any international project and for sure, they are better alternatives to reside in and to invest in as well.

All the potential Pakistani investors looking to invest in prime residential projects at any international destination must visit DHA Karachi Phase VIII before the final decision as it is the best bet of time.

Note: This article is written by Khadija Aslam

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  1. Mrs. Mansoor says:

    the artical written by Khatija Aslam is very informative and saleable ..
    No doubt Ph 8 is a great investment. And that’s why we decided to live in this HOTSPOT.

    But , pl look around the area surrounding Hamza Mosque, between Khy Shujat and 25 th street ..this is KHY Qassim ..the A sector.
    Plots around this area are full of junk collected by CCB and DHA vigilance.
    The site for RUMI park is the most neglected area of ph 8. A and no one is interested in taking notice of this unchecked junkyards in the middle of our residences.

  2. muzaffar says:

    want to sell 200 yards commercial plot 28 C PENINSULA LANE 9 WHAT IS THE PRICE

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